Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter, White – SE91

Price: 199.95

UPC Barcode: 856157007993

The Star Ergonomics SE91 is a portable standing desk converter that is ideal for homes, offices, and dorms. The electric standing desk converter features a scratch, stain, and fire-resistant tabletop that measures 26.85 x 19.68 inches (682mm x 500mm), which can accommodate a large monitor up to 32 inches plus a laptop side-by-side. The unit features a premium electric motor that switches from sitting to standing position with a press of a button. Unlike other electric standing desks, our SE91 features an innovative button control system that raises or lowers the unit with a first press, and the unit stops with a second press. That way, there is no need to keep the button pressed while the desk is raising or lowering. The tabletop supports a 7-degree incline for comfortable writing and drawing position. The standing desk converter supports height adjustment from 3.15 to 15.75 inches. The product comes fully assembled so you can start enjoying the standing desk benefits from the moment it arrives at your doorstep. The product comes with Star Ergonomics’ one year warranty and world-class customer service with a phone, chat, and email support.

Material: Solid Wood & Steel

Product Size: 682*500mm(L*W) / 670*440mm(L*W)

Height Adjustable range: 80-400mm

Color: White&Gray

Package Size(cm): 83*63*14

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