3 Stage Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame- SE07E1FW [Tabletop Not Included]

Price: $ 459.95

A minimalistic option and the best sit-stand desk frame if you want something without frills or high costs, perfect for offices, schools, home, and most working environments. Thanks to the digital LED memory controller, adjustments can be made with one touch. 3 programmable memory presets save your desired height, sit/stand time reminder for regular movement. Dual-motor offers better stabilization, higher load-bearing capability, and low noise while running so that you can enjoy your working experience. As a height-adjustable standing desk frame, the 3 Stage Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame is easy to link and is a perfect match for the new requirements of ever-changing office landscapes.

  • Digital LED memory controller for customizable settings
  • Motors offer heavier lifting ability and increased stability
  • Programmable memory presets to save your desired height
  • Sit/Stand time reminder for regular movement
  • Collision avoidance system safeguards against accidents and injuries
  • Motors are thermal and overload protected for safety and longevity
  • Column stages offer more adjustability
  • Switched mode power supply for energy and power efficiency
  • Cable management keeps everything organized
  • Adjustable width fits a variety of desktop shapes and sizes
  • Adjustable feet level and adapt to most any floor surface


Product Manual

Hand Controller Manual

Adjustable Feet Pad

Create a Custom Desktop use your imaginationl

One Frame Fits All Size to your work environment

Cable Management Shelf Hides cable clutter for improved organization and aesthetics

Switched Mode Power Supply Small power consumption, high efficiency

3 Programmable Height Memory Presets Ideal for co-workers or family members


Dual Motor-Powerful lift

Reverse Column Design-Increase the stabllity

Power input

Max Speed

Motion noise

Load Capabillity

Overload Protection

Operation temperature

Thermal Protection

IP Grade

Digital LED ControllerAdjust your desk height with ease.

Unique Motor TechnologyPowerful yet smooth and silent.

Sit/Stand Time ReminderRemind working position adjustment.

Collision Avoidance SystemStop the desk if it bumps into a solid object while moving up or down.

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