Why Should You Buy StarErgo Standing Desk Converter?

Standing desk converters offer the cheapest way to get the best and comfortable working culture for you. Without exchanging your old desk with a new desk, you can convert your desk into a standing desk. Buying a quality standing desk converter is necessary. When the height adjustment is easy and quick, your converter will turn your working environment dynamic. StarErgo brings you the best standing desk converter for your work. We have a wide range of models to meet different requirements. But, here you will get details about the desk converter that has a popular demand in the market.

StarErgo Electric Standing Desk Converter – SE09E2WB

A sit-stand workstation is the best way to convert your desk into a sit-stand desk. While standing desks need a complex assembly process, these desk converters are great because you can use the product right after receiving it. The UL-certified motors of the desk make the lifting quicker, and it will also carry the load easily. You will also get a sophisticated motion control that will make the adjustment easier and more durable.

The features of the desk:

  • Strong motor
  • Easy-to-use press controller
  • A large working surface
  • Cable management
  • Wireless charger
  • UL-certified motors

StarErgo introduces the best quality through the products, keeping in mind the everyday wear and tear of the desks. The desk surface also contains a built-in cup holder, which will help you protect the surface from any liquid spilling over your desk.

The desk also has non-skid silicone pads that protect the work surface from any scratches. Besides, you will get an ergonomic keyboard tray that will improve your posture at work.

A wide range of standing desk converters is available in the market. But, StarErgo has made a special position because of offering quality products only.

Dual Monitor electric sit-stand workstation – SE05E2WB:

Every feature you want in your desk converter is available in this product, from easy lifting to product stability. StarErgo pays attention to the quality of the product more than anything else in the manufacturing process. Keeping the feature minimalistic, we have designed our product to alleviate your workplace discomfort. This dual-monitor electric desk converter is for those who split screens to get their work done. You can mount two screens side by side and work simultaneously without any requirement of changing different tabs.

You will get strong motors that will offer strong stability to your desk. Besides, the easy-to-use press controller makes the height adjustment easier and smarter.

You will also get a large surface area to manage your desk properly. The front slot of the desk is excellent for storing tablets and phones. You can even tilt the screen to get the best view and keep the screen at your eye level.

With the cable management feature, you can manage your cables to keep your desk look neat and clean. Buy these electric desk converters if you need dual screens to work on. This proves to be the best option for you.

Why StarErgo?

StarErgo is a trusted company for manufacturing quality standing desk converters. You will get every type of desk converters from our collections. We concentrated more on quality, and customers’ satisfaction remains to be our top priority.

Every product goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure that our desk strongly supports your working environment. Please visit us to know more details.

When Is A Standing Desk Converter A Better Choice?

In the market, standing desks are available abundantly. Options are wide, and they meet individual’s needs very well. You will get desks with minimal functions and with extraordinary features. So, buying these standing desks to keep you active seems to be the simplest and easiest choice. But, if you have an excellent traditional desk that you don’t want to replace, you can upgrade your desk with a desk converter. Your traditional desk quickly raises the height for your standing position.

Besides desk converters, people tried other objects to increase the traditional desk’s height by putting piles of books, folders, boxes, and plastic containers. But, do they make your desk stable for use? The answer is no. If you don’t want to replace your old, traditional desk, you can upgrade your desk and turn it into a sit-stand workstation by using this desk converter.

Standing desk converters will raise your traditional desk height using simple steps. It does not require any replacement, and you can save your money by choosing this option. Manufacturers send these desk converters in a ready-to-use manner, which means you can put this converter on top of your desk right after getting your product.

Installation of these desk converters is easy because you can avoid technical details mentioned in the manuals for assembling a product.

Why do you need a standing desk converter?

Transform your desk into a sit-stand desk:

Your traditional desks may offer you enough comfort, but it does not let you stand while working. You do not need to replace your traditional desk to get a sit-stand workstation. Buy a quality standing desk converter and place it on top of your old desk. You can transform your old desk into a standing workstation quickly.

Cheaper and useful option:

The price of a sit-stand desk is a factor that drives beginners to use this converter. If your budget is not as high as a standing desk costs, these converters can be a better choice for you. They come in varied choices and options to meet your different requirements. Manufacturers unveil modern features to offer better comfort for your desk converters. So, when your budget is low, you can buy these desk converters.


If you need to change your workspace often, these desk converters are more portable than any other options. You need a traditional desk to use the product. Place the converter above your old desk, and you will get your sit-stand workstation. If you are working from home, this desk converter offers you the flexibility to change your work environment.

These desk converters give you similar health benefits like sit-stand workstations offer:

Manage your weight:

You can manage your weight with this desk converter also. Standing helps you burn more calories than sitting. However, the difference is not significant. You can prevent weight gain with your desk converters.

Avoid severe health issue:

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the primary factors that contribute to type 2 diabetes. Try to alternate between sitting and standing positions to keep you active. Perform desk exercises to keep your muscles flexible.

Alleviate neck and back pain:

Buy quality standing desk converters and get more health benefits. Quality desks concentrate on office ergonomics, which improves your posture. With good posture, you can also alleviate back pain and neck pain issues.  

Stay more alert:

Standing keeps you alert and improves your focus on your work. It will enhance your productivity level also. So, standing comes up with many benefits for your health and work.

Buy best quality standing desk converters from StarErgo:

StarErgo keeps your trust and faith on top of the priority list, so every product goes through a tough testing process to ensure higher stability and durability. Concentrating on the minimal feature, we will make your work experience smoother and satisfying. You will get upgraded standing desk converters with or without the keyboard tray.

Our desk introduces gas spring lifting, which makes the lifting quicker and smoother for you. A wide range of height settings will help you set a perfect desk height for your work. You will also get a large surface for placing devices.  

Standing Desks Converters – Consider A Few Things Before Buying

Standing desk converters are a cheaper option than your standing desks, but a wrong choice can make your experience disappointing. There are standing desk converters of good quality in the market, and they offer smooth performance, compensating the demand for a standing desk. But many desk converters do not have a strong build, which causes problems when you are using them.

These desk converters also come in different designs, and they also perform differently. Two popular mounting choices are common: freestanding (post and base) and hover (C-Clamp or grommet). Freestanding converters are mostly a crisscross or Z-design. Hover desks have 360-degree adjustability choices.

The desk converters are easy to install, but the use is not comfortable:

Most desk converters do not follow ergonomics, which makes the use of your monitor or keyboards difficult. Although they are easy to install, they will not make your work environment comfortable. Manufacturers often send these desks pre-assembled or in a ready-to-use manner, which means that you can use the desk converters right after unboxing.

The desk surface is too small, which does not give you enough space to place your working stuff perfectly. If you work on dual screens, make sure that your desk converters offer this choice. Some desk converters have a keyboard tray fixed just below your monitor position. Even though you can adjust the monitor, you cannot adjust your keyboard tray.

Sometimes unstable and shaky:

Stability is a common issue with your converter. A shaky keyboard tray will not give you the ultimate comfort when you are typing. The Z-design desks record more complaints because of the poor manufacturing. Remember that not all desks are the same. You will surely get the best desk converters within your budget. Read the customers’ review carefully to find out the product you choose is reliable or not.

Limited work surface:

Standing desk converters will not offer the same work surface as your traditional desk. These converters will sit on top of your desk, reducing the work surface. If you need to place so many things on your desktop, choose a converter with a bigger desk surface.

Converters are difficult to adjust:

These desk converters are not easy to adjust. When you change the desk height, you need to use your physical labor to raise or lower the desk. Electric converters can solve your problem. These converters will quickly change the desk height as per your requirement. While using the desk converters, you need to avoid all the pinching points.

They look ugly:

These desk converters do not look trendy. The manufacturers of the converters concentrate more on the functions than fashion. If you want to match your desk with the interior designs, you can search for the desk converters that meet your demands.

Ergonomic issue:

These desk converters are not made ergonomically, so posture mistake is an obvious thing. While using these desk converters, users often hunch over their desks, increasing the chances for shoulder pain, neck pain, and other complications. Besides, the desk converters will not offer you the right distance between your eyes and the screen. It also makes your sitting posture poor.

These problems are very common in cheaper desk converters. The trust and reputation of manufacturers can be a deciding factor also. StarErgo is a reputed company offering a wide range of desk converters for users. Following ergonomics and flawless designing rules, StarErgo has successfully made a unique position in the market.

StarErgo for your desk converters:

We have spent many years researching employees’ health and wellness before designing our product. Our only aim is to give you the best solutions that will improve your working comfort. With our desk converters, you can avoid all the above-mentioned issues. A strong-built of the product reduces the risks of wobbling.

We have different types of desk converters, which you can choose as per your needs. You can also buy our ergonomic sit-stand workstation to improve your posture. Our portable desk converters offer you a scratch and fire-resistant desktop.

Our electric standing desk converters make the height adjustment easier with a press of a button. We also offer a wider work surface to place your required things on your desk.

With our desk converters, you can also get an easy cable management choice. It will help you keep everything organized. Please visit our product page to get more details.

Types Of The Standing Desk Converters

Standing desk converters are also getting attention from people to break the monotony of the traditional working environment. While sit-stand desks meet the maximum demands, some people prefer these converters. The primary advantage of these desk converters is that you can retain your old desk, reducing the expenses for setting up this modern working culture. You will get different types of standing desk converters in the market. Buy the one that fits your needs of a sit-stand desk perfectly.

These desk converters would be the best choice when you don’t want to replace your old desk. They are portable, which means you can use the product anywhere you want, in your office and your work-from-home setup. Ensure that the product is sturdy enough to lower the chance of wobbling, especially when you are typing. There are mainly three categories of standing desk converter available to you. They are X-lift converter, Z-lift converter, and L-Lift Converter. Here, you will learn more about these converters with their advantages and disadvantages.


X-lift desk converters are a cheaper option because of having a single gas spring and a single-level work surface. If you are looking for budget converters, they will meet your demands perfectly. The best thing about this product is that it can fit into a very small space.

X-lift desk converters have many disadvantages also. The minimal work surface of this desk converter may make you disappointed. It lacks ergonomics, which is the ultimate truth of a comfortable working culture. But, manufacturers are working on the disadvantages to make the X-lift desk converters convenient to your work. These days, you will also get advanced functions, which will enhance your work experience.

Z-Lift Standing Desk Converter:

It is another popular converter category, which will offer you better stability and a larger work surface than X-lift. The price of the desk converter comes in mid-range. Although it is a better choice than X-lifting, it also has some disadvantages. Bulkiness and difficulty to lift can force you to search for other options. With this Z-lifting standing desk converter, you can place your monitor away from you to get a proper eye-screen distance. For the screen height-adjustability, you can buy additional monitor arms.

L-Lift Standing Desk Converter:

This type of desk converter is the best for your use. It will help you set the screen separately to keep it in an ergonomically perfect place. This desk converter has a sturdy pillar and takes less space on your existing desk. With StarErgo, you will get a premium choice with extraordinary functionality.  The motor-driven mode helps you lift heavy loads quickly with a press of a button. With this, you will get a quiet motion that will not interrupt your work. Strong motors of the desk will also improve the stability of your work.

This desk converter has front slots to place your different accessories like phones or tablets. You will also get cable management options that will keep your workstation clean and tidy.

Why Should You Choose StarErgo Dual Monitor Electric Sit-Stand Workstation?

StarErgo introduces the most useful desk converter, and you will nearly get everything you wish for in your converter.  Offering you the option to set two monitors side by side, it also comes with tilted VESA plates to attach the screen to the stand.  You can even rotate the screen to get the best viewing angle.   

Powerful motors also lift a heavy load easily. Besides, the height adjustment range is wide enough to accommodate individual’s needs. With sophisticated motion control, the height adjustment will be smoother and quiet.

We have different standing desk converters for you. Explore our product collections to get the best desk converter for your work. Please visit us for more details.  https://www.starergo.com/

The Benefits of Using Sit-Stand desk Converters for Every Office

While the demand for standing desks increases every day, their less expensive alternatives – sit-stand desk converters – cover the market with great demand. There are so many reasons that convince you to choose these desk converters instead of complete standing desks. Offices have also started using these desk converters to improve the health of employees. Let’s explore how these desk converters benefit employees.

Although standing desks have a huge advantage over these desk converters, these office furniture products have made their place even in the offices due to certain factors. We have explained all those things that work well to make the desk converter popular.

An affordable investment:

Sit-stand desk converters are an affordable investment for your health.  These desk converters get new features and technologies, which make them more effective to the users. You can reap the benefits of sitting and standing at your desk for your health with these products. Unlike a sit-stand desk, it does not cost you high also. Check the features of the desk converters and buy quality products for your work. If you are buying them for your office environment, you will get even better deals.

Helps you maintain a healthy weight:

Employees who sit for long hours have a slower metabolism, which decreases their calorie-burning process. The desk converter’s purpose is to allow employees to sit or stand while working at their desks. So, these products can help you improve metabolism, which leads you to healthy weight management.

Standing can prevent metabolic syndrome:

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that can increase heart disease, stroke, diabetes, weight gain, and obesity. Simply standing can prevent these health conditions by maintaining insulin levels. When your body has an insulin imbalance, it makes your metabolism sluggish.

Reduces back and neck pain:

Prolonged sitting causes pain in your neck and back. Our body does not support the sit-only mode. The more you move, the better your health will stay. With these desk converters, you can enhance your body movements. But, stretching exercises are essential to get the maximum comfort for your health. When you are standing, you bring your body back to the natural position, releasing stress and pressure from your musculoskeletal structure.

Improves mood and productivity:

When you stand, your body remains in a better alignment, helping you avoid pain and discomfort. Standing improves your energy level and makes you less frustrated and tired while working. These desk converters will easily convert your existing desk into sit-stand desks, which allow you to sit or stand while working. These desk converters also have positive effects on your productivity.

Can decrease the risk of death from any cause:

Prolonged sitting can increase the chances of early death. But, when you start working while standing, you can decrease the chance of early death.

Sit-stand desk converters are easy-to-assemble:

When you buy converters, you will not face difficulties in assembling the parts. Most desk converters come pre-assembled. Otherwise, manufacturers offer an easy-to-assemble guide that will make your setup easier.

You can use your old desk:

Desk converters will allow you to use your old desk. These desk converters will sit on top of your traditional desk and transform it into a sit-stand workstation. Although you will not get a huge work surface, there will be enough space for placing your regular items.  

If you have a small office and want to support your employees’ health, you can opt for these desk converters. They will not take enough space and fit your requirement well.

Buy electric standing desk converter from StarErgo:

StarErgo is a trusted manufacturer of electric standing desk converters, offering a wide variety of desks to meet even the most unique requirement. Our portable desks help you transform your regular desks into sit-stand workstations smartly. You will get scratch and stain-resistant tabletops that offer you enough space to accommodate all basic things for your work, including a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. We have designed the desk converter with a premium electric motor for a smooth transition between sitting and standing. You will also get many advanced features with our desk converters.

Depending on the diverse needs of people, we introduced products that meet every requirement. Keeping the core features strong and superior, we offer you a way to embrace a health-friendly working environment with much less investment. Our collection of products is huge, and we are still expanding. Please visit our product page for more details.

Why Do You Need An Electric Height Adjustable Desk?

Height Adjustable desks bring necessary changes in your working life. Cutting down your sitting hours alone can help you with many benefits. You can avoid all the adverse effects of sitting too long when you start using a sit-stand desk. But, as time goes, manufacturers come up with numerous options that will make you confused about the best desk to buy. We have discussed a few key factors that will clear all your doubts and lead you to the best quality desks.

We believe that height adjustability is a primary thing to consider while buying a desk for you. Since these desks allow you to sit or stand while working, the ease of height adjustability seems to be the primary factor. Depending on different working types, manufacturers introduce products that can accommodate different needs.

Electric adjustable desks are the most common option because they have a better height adjustment choice and are affordable. However, you have manual adjustment options also. Users think that manual adjustable desks would cost less than the electric options. Although it is not completely wrong, you will find electric desks within your affordable range also.


If the price is the primary factor that drives you away from the electric adjustable desk, we have good news for you. Manufacturers pay attention to the quality of the desk, and they introduce a budget desk that will help you set up your ergonomic office easily. If you search deeper, you may even get electric desks that cost you less than the hand crank or pneumatic desks. If you ask us which one to buy for your work, we will undoubtedly choose an electric adjustable desk for you.

Time-consuming and laborious:

Hand-crank desks need your physical efforts to change the desk height, which is one of the desk’s common downsides. Height adjustment also takes time, which means it interrupts your workflow and may delay your work. If the height adjustment option has such obstacles, users tend to retain a single working position for long hours. Since prolonged sitting and standing both are bad for your health, you end up wasting your investment. So, buy an electric height adjustable desk that swiftly changes the desk height with a press of a button or otherwise.

Weight capacity and counterbalance:

Although pneumatic desks change the desk height instantly, it needs your physical and mental efforts to counterbalance the weight. When it comes to carrying the loads, these desks are not as flexible as the electric ones. Pneumatic desks can carry a specific weight; more or less than this can lower your experience. You will not get such issues with your electric desks.

Height range:

Setting a proper height with your pneumatic or hand-crank desks will be tricky. But, electric adjustable desks come up with a height range option, from lowest to highest. You can set your desk at any point as per your comfort. Setting the desk height is even easier with your electric desk.

Affordable and useful, electric height adjustable desks will meet your requirement pretty well. Being a reputed manufacturer of adjustable desks, we recommend people electric desks for their work. Check the quality before your purchase. The high demand for these desks encourages many unlawful names to design adjustable desks without the knowledge of ergonomics. They are good for nothing. So, find a trusted name to buy a quality desk for your work.

Why StarErgo?

StarErgo is a coveted manufacturer that introduces electric height adjustable desks after a long year of research on employees’ health and ergonomics. We introduced minimalistic features to offer a budget desk, helping you set your working environment comfortable without spending much. We concentrated on the core features and supported them with our innovative thoughts and creative ideas. Each product will definitely bring a smile to your face, from technological parts and economic choices. Please visit us to know more about the desk.

How to Buy the Best Standing Desk Converter

Standing desk converters offer a budget-friendly option to convert your ordinary desk into a sit-stand desk. While a quality standing desk costs you high, you can simply make your working environment ergonomically perfect with this affordable desk converter. You may not want to replace your old desk with a new desk. You can easily achieve your standing position while working with this converter. 

Since the market is full of choices, you may get confused about the best option for your work. We have discussed some important factors for you. You can check whether these qualities are available on your chosen desk converter or not. 

Choose the types:

The converting mechanism distinguishes one option from others. The way you lift your desk surface categorizes the desk converters. The most popular ones are Z-Lift and X-Lift converters since they offer you the right blend of versatility and ergonomics. 

The height range:

Check the height range of the converter, especially if you are a taller person. Ensure that the highest height range of the desk converter accommodates your height preference perfectly. If you are looking for a stable option, the Z-Lift can meet your requirement perfectly. These converters have a dropped keyboard tray, which means your monitor will remain a few inches higher than your keyboard. It will help you maintain the right viewing angle as well as the perfect ergonomic benefit. Remember that the less you raise your monitor, the more stable your converter remains. 

Find the ideal work surface:

It is true that you will not get as much work surface on your desk converter as on your standing desk. But, a converter offers you enough space for your work. The choice of work surface completely depends on the type of your work and your personal preferences. The options are so huge that you will get a product that will meet your interest.

Work Surface stability:

Stability is the prime factor that will make or break your expectation. If your sit-stand desk converter shakes, it will lower your work experience, causing problems for typing and viewing angles. Z-lifts are secure enough and are the stable choice for your work.

Monitor adjustability:

You will get a sit-stand desk converter with or without monitor adjustability. Many manufacturers design their converters with monitor adjustability choices. With this option, you can tilt, rotate, or pan your monitor screen. This flexibility will help you set your screen at the right angle. As per the ergonomic rule, keep your monitor at arm’s length away from you to get better visibility.

Monitor mounting option:

A standing desk converter can give you maximum support for your work with the monitor mounting option. Check whether your desk maintains the VESA compatible mounting option or not. Here, the size of the monitor also plays a crucial role. Ensure that the mounting option can carry the size and the weight of the monitor perfectly. 

Easy to assemble and install option:

The easy assemble option will help you fix the standing desk converter quickly on your regular sit-only desk. If the process includes complex things, it will make you frustrated. No matter what type of converter you buy, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Sometimes one person is enough for the assembling task. However, you need another person to lift the converter and set it on your desk.

Quality of parts:

You can easily guess that cheaper, plastic-made parts will not go longer. Check the material of your converter to get the best option. 

Buy a Sit-Stand Desk Converter from StarErgo:

If you want to pick the quality option for your sit-stand desk converter, StarErgo is the destination for you. The company has designed an array of products with different features to ensure your desk’s best quality.

You will get a premium series of products from StarErgo, where the quality features will improve your working experience. You will get a strong motor to ensure the stable lifting of the height, avoiding the shakiness of your desk. Added to this, you will get a large surface for placing the things of your choice on the desk surface. 

You name the feature, and StarErgo makes it ready for you on standing desk converters. You can adjust the monitor viewing angle with the free-tilting design of the converter. The cable management options will keep your desk look neat and clean, which will give you a refreshing working environment. 

Our collection is huge for you. Please visit our product pages to get more details.  

The Best Work From Home Tips

The challenges you experience while working from home are different from the challenges of office work. You tend to spend more time in front of your computer to meet your work routine because of your home space distractions. Avoiding all the indoor noise can be difficult. We have some unique tips that will help you concentrate on your work with attentiveness. Making your home office ergonomically perfect is the first step to get a comfortable working environment. Invest in an electric standing desk and an ergonomic chair for your home office to stay active, regardless of the work pressure.

Work from home can trigger your stress since you have many responsibilities to take care of. Your brain can also get tired, and work productivity will go down. While you will get many tips to stay calm and happy when you search online, you may forget to take breaks. You need frequent breaks from your work to be more attentive. Ensure that you take a productive break that helps you to work with dedication.

Studies proved that regular breaks encourage employees to get back to their work seamlessly, avoiding all distractions. Productive breaks are different from the break you generally take between your works. The experts defined that when your brain feels fatigues, shut down your computer and separate yourself from work for a few minutes. It allows your mind to rest and helps you recover from the fatigue you experience from being in front of the screen for long hours.

Follow these 3 simple tips for your work from home:

Organize an ergonomic home office:

A comfortable home office is necessary. A desk that encourages your body movement keeps you more active and healthy at work. So, buy Sit-Stand Workstations with the height-adjustment feature. The height-adjustable desk gives you an option to sit or stand while working. They come in different height ranges and choices to meet your demands perfectly. 

Along with a desk, you need an ergonomic chair to sit comfortably. The design of the chair supports the natural curve of your spine, which improves your sitting posture. To get a better result, you can sit according to the ergonomic rules. Sit with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle, keeping your thighs parallel to the floor. Rest your feet flat on the floor, or you can use a footrest.

Plan your break times:

We have talked about productive break time, but you need to plan things accordingly to manage your time better. You can try the Pomodoro Technique that tells you to consider your entire workday and divide it into 25-minute chunks with a 15-minute break after each work set.

You may think that it includes too much break time. But, the technique aims to heal your brain fatigue so that you can concentrate more on your work when the break is over. You are less likely to get distracted when you follow this technique. It helps you feel that you have time for everything. 


Stretch your body to release the tension buildup on your muscles and joints. You can follow some desk exercises with simple steps that you can perform easily. Address your health problems and include stretches that solve the issue. 

Disconnecting yourself from work in the break time will give you the ultimate rest. Many employees take breaks without leaving their chairs, answering personal messages. But, it is not the ultimate break we are talking about here. Disconnect yourself from the screens and breathe fresh air away from the work zone.

StarErgo electric sit-stand desk frame:

StarErgo supports your remote working choice and helps you build a perfect home office, maintaining working comfort. Our standing desk frame is built with superior craftsmanship and quality materials that will give you a smoother experience. It will move up and down effortlessly, allowing you to change your working position often. You will also get a digital LED memory controller for your customizable setting. The heavier lifting capacity helps you place everything you require on your desk. With desk stability and column stages, you can set a proper desk height for your working comfort. Please check our product pages for more details.  

What Should You Buy Standing Desk Converters?

Standing Desk Converters

You could be wondering” What even is a standing desk converter?” Although it may sound sophisticated, It is basically ergonomic furniture that helps you convert your traditional office desk into a modern sit-stand desk without necessarily having to do a complete office makeover. While it is common for people to transform their office spaces by replacing the old desks with new compact standing desks, it is not that easy or budget-friendly.  In general, office workers do not require a complete overhaul so as to stay happy and productive at their workplace. StarErgo is a global supplier of ergonomic furniture as well as Standing desk converters. In this read, you will find some of the basic facts you need to know about these converters :

Standing desk converters contribute to business growth :

The concept of ergonomics was introduced as a way of improving performance in office setups.  This is achieved in the following ways:

standing desk

Maintains the activeness  of office workers

Traditionally, most office workers spent the entire day at work seated.This brought a lot of laxity at work as well as boredom.  More often, when sitting all day office workers being less and less productive. StarErgo aims at making the workforce more active at work by introducing Standing desk converters. With these, workers keep switching from sitting to standing postures all day. This activity goes a long way in helping them remain productive at work. According to reliable sources, office managers experience lots of challenges in ensuring the workers stay active during the workday and this can be solved by simply introducing compact desk converters.

Mitigates health defects due to sitting

Since ancient time, there has been an increase in cases of sick office workers because of work lifestyles. As a matter of fact, most people working in office setups end up suffering from diseases such as Musculoskeletal Disorders, fatigue, type2 diabetes as well as cardiovascular diseases on retirement or even way before to some.  Fortunately, the introduction of Standing desk converters by StarErgo has helped immensely in breaking the culture of staying in a sitting all day hence contributing to the overall wellness of employees.

Standing desk converters are a budget-friendly option :

If the main reason behind you not transiting from traditional office desks to modern smart desks is the high cost involved, I have good news for you. Smart desks converters are a relatively cheaper option as it does not necessitate a whole office makeover. StarErgo provides quality standing desk converters at competitive prices. Regardless of your physical location, they can easily ship the ergonomic furniture to anywhere in the globe.

Standing desk converters require minimal space :

StarErgo’s  Smart desk converters have an elegant and compact design. This makes them suitable for any office set up with narrow space. Generally speaking, most company managers are afraid or deciding to switch to smart desks because they have only limited space available. This especially happens for offices in towns where space is a real issue. With these converters, you really do not have to replace your furniture with new sets. Instead, you only need to complement your existing furniture making it possible to do height adjustments. You can now effortlessly transition from traditional office desks to modern smart desks without doing an office makeover.

Standing desk converters  lead to more results

Introducing ergonomic furniture has proven to be among the most effective ways of increasing productivity in any office set up. StarErgo’s main drive in manufacturing quality Standing desk converters is so as to help organizations in achieving more results effortlessly. By helping office workers to keep alternating between sitting and standing at given intervals, these smart converters go a long way in boosting productivity. The old culture of employees sitting all day is associated with laziness and hence this transition has helped in mitigating such unbecoming behaviors.

Although there are countless stores selling standing desk converters with the increased popularity of the ergonomics concept, it would be unwise to blindly buy a smart converter anywhere. StarErgo company is strategically located in Plano Texas and the beauty of it is that they distribute ergonomic furniture to all parts of the globe. if you are intending to buy any ergonomics furniture to suit your company’s needs, feel free to contact them for expert advice.

StarErgo’s Top Electric Standing Desks For An Active Working Life

Electric Standing Desks

StarErgo is a reputable ergonomic furniture and electronic accessories supplier in the U.S.A. It has gained popularity owing to the fact that they supply top-notch electric standing desks to all parts of the globe. In this read, I will list the top Electric standing desks that have been top rated.

Electric Standing Desk Converter (SE09E2WB) :

Sit-stand Electric Standing Desks converters provide the easiest and most versatile way of switching traditional office desks to sit-stand desks. The best thing is that you do not have to replace your existing office desks or furniture with new ones. Instead, you simply unpack and put the workstation on your desktop. StarErgo’s SE09E2WB makes the process even much easier. The robust UL certified motor effortlessly helps in lifting a heavy load and places it on your work surface just by the press of a button. Being motor-driven, this prevents the awkward and unprecedented forward surge in the process of lifting the workstation.

 Basically, the posture has an effect of increasing the heavy luggage around the lumbar area. Moreover, the motion is quite hence preventing any disruptions to the surroundings. Motion control is quite sophisticated thus generating an adjustment that’s smooth and stable. Additionally, this unique model had an incorporated wireless charge which supplies power quickly and easily.  

  • A robust motor ensures an extremely high level of stability
  • Height adjustment is only a button away making it super easy.
  • It provides a large surface area to place more working tools.
  • It has a unique cable management system thus enabling you to have a neat and appealing workspace.
  • It has an incorporated wireless charger that is suitable for all Qi-compatible gadgets
  • It has a robust motor that has been certified (UL listed)

Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter, White (SE91) :

The StarErgo’s SE91 is basically a portable Electric Standing Desk converter that is perfectly suitable for offices, dorms, and domestic use. It has been designed with a unique and high-quality material thus ensuring it is stain, fire, and Scratch-resistant. The dimensions of the tabletop are about 682mm*500mm. This means that this smart desk can accommodate a huge monitor of up to 32 inches and still have extra space for laptops on each side.

This unit has a premium electric motor that helps you switch from standing to sitting just by pushing a button. Unlike the other common electric standing desks, StarErgo’s SE91 enables an innovative system that is raised or lowers through button control, at the initial press while the unit stops at the second press.   This way, you do not have to continuously press the TT3 button as the desk raises or lowers. Additionally, the smart desk’s tabletop allows up to a 7-degree angle of incline thus making it even more comfortable for drawing, writing or doing other tasks that demand a relatively comfortable sitting posture. This smart desk converter supports a height range adjustment of between 3.15″-15.75″.Best of all, StarErgo dispatches this product when it’s fully assembled. Hence, you can simply enjoy the ergonomic benefits it presents soon after unboxing it.  Additionally, it has a one year warranty. StarErgo assures the customers of quality and therefore this duration allows you to report any undesired experiences you might encounter. They have a world-class customer care services and you can easily call them or write an email to them in case of any difficulties

  • SE91 is manufactured using strong wood and steel thus making it durable.
  •  The products dimensions are 682*500mm (length*width) and 670*440mm(length*width)
  • It has a height adjustable range of between 80-400mm
  • Color: Comes in White & Gray shades.
  • The package size is about 83*63*14(cm)
  • Price: It goes for USD 199.95

Electric Sit-Stand Workstation – SE04E1WB :

StarErgo’s SE04E1WB is a motor-driven smart desk making adjustments easy and fast. It has been manufactured with great aesthetic design and high functionality. It also has a quiet motion hence does not cause any disruptions to the surrounding environment. It comes in different sizes with the minimum being 35mm and a max of 535 mm. It also has a wide coverage of height adjustment of between 1.4 ” to 21.1″. Moreover, it provides maximum viewing Angle owing to its tiltable design. Precisely, it can rotate up to 360°.

Considering all the great features with StarErgo’s Top Electric Standing Desks, there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t buy yourself one.

StarErgo’s Dual Best Standing Desks For Your Job

Best Standing Desks

StarErgo is a popular brand well known for manufacturing top-notch quality ergonomic furniture. They are located in Plano, Texas but distribute their products throughout the globe. Here is a brief review of StarErgo’s Dual Best standing desks:

Electric Sit-Stand Workstation Premium Series (SE05E2WB)

Dual Monitor Electric Sit-Stand Workstation Premium Series (SE05E2WB)

The beauty of sit-stand desks is that they are versatile and make it super easy to convert a traditional office desk into a smart desk.  It doesn’t require you to do an entire office make-over to replace your old furniture. Set up is super easy and efficient when you want to optimize your office workspace ergonomics. StarErgo’s SE05E2WB makes the process even easier.  This workstation has been made with a great aesthetic design and has a list of great functionalities. It has a robust lift that effortlessly lifts luggage just by the click of a button.

Additionally, the motor-driven mode prevents the awkward body surge. A quiet motion also assists by ensuring one office worker doesn’t disrupt the rest while adjusting their desk. Sophisticated motion control is important because it makes the adjustments happen smoothly and steadily. StarErgo understands clearly that one size never fits all.  This Dual Best standing desk has a maximum (535mm) and a minimum width (35mm) catering for every individual need.

Moreover, it has a height coverage ranging between 1.4″ and 21.1″ thus accommodating users of different sizes. It has a perfect focal distance which further enhances comfort making you enjoy ergonomic benefits. It enables a  360° of rotation in both portrait and landscape view making it highly flexible. Here is a breakdown of StarErgo’s Dual Monitor Electric Sit-Stand Work-Station.

  • A robust motor makes it have highly stable.
  • Height adjustment is a button away thus making control super easy.
  • It provides a large surface area to place more working tools.
  • Its fore slot can hold many phones and tablets.
  • It has a cable management system helping users to work in a neat and organized workspace.
  • It has a tilting design thus making it have multiple angles for viewing.  
  • The 360° enables a maximum viewing capacity.

StarErgo has reduced the cost of this Dual standing desks from$ 599.95 to $ 329.95.

3 Stage Reverse Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame (SE06E1FB)

3 Stage Reverse Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame (SE06E1FB)

This is a perfect desk for minimalists and is also suitable for people who are looking for Dual Best standing desks at budget-friendly rates. It is ideal for offices, home settings, schools as well as most working environments. Owing to it’s digital LED memory regulator, adjustments are possible just by pushing a button. It has 3  memory presets that are programmable this saving the details of your height as well as time intervals to remind you when its time for adjustments.

Besides being highly steady, it also has a higher capacity for load-bearing and quiet motion that ensures you’re enjoying your work environment. Being height adjustable, this dual standing desk frame is perfect for the new trends of the ever-changing landscape of the office set up.

Here’s a breakdown of these top features :

  • The digital LED memory keeps a record of the customized settings.
  • Motors are more steady and have a heavier lifting capacity
  • The programmable memory of the previous settings saves your desired height.
  • The remainder of the sit/stand durations maintains regular motion.
  • It has a system that helps in avoiding collision thus preventing accidents or injuries that could occur during adjustments.
  • It has thermal motors that are safe and durable.
  • The improved support column design makes this dual smart desk more steady.
  • The cable management system keeps your workstation neat.
  • It has an adjustable width thus making them suitable for many desktop varieties, shapes as well as sizes.  
  • It has an adjustable feet level making them suitable for any floor surface.

This Dual standing desk’s price has been reduced from $ 599.95 to $ 459.95. A product manual is available for instructions on use.

3 Stage Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame- (SE07E1FW)

3 Stage Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame- (SE07E1FW)

This dual standing desk is super easy to join and thus user-friendly. It also has a robust motor and a button-away height adjustment. Its features include:

  • A memory controller of digital LED enabling customizable settings.
  • The motors have a high lifting capacity.
  •  The collision preventing system avoids injuries and accidents.
  • There’s a time reminder for standing and sitting.
  • It has a memory that can be preset/programmed
  • Its height is also suitable for a wide variety of desks.

The company keeps the products in an affordable range so that everyone can buy these sit-stand desks for improving their work performance. We are constantly striving to be the best for your choice. 

StarErgo Supports Work From Home to Stop Corona Virus Spread

smart standing desks

StarErgo is completely supporting the entire lockdown decision in the states and nations taken by Government to fight against COVID19. If your job allows you to work from home, then you must continue your work to help the economy. We are helping you to make your job environment better with our standing desks, ergonomic desks, sit-stand desks, and more.

Working ambiance at home is utterly different from your office. But in this emergency situation, turn your bedroom into your workroom and start working with comfort. We are bringing to you a wide range of products so that you can work comfortably without any breaks

StarErgo is a renowned manufacturer and seller of smart standing desks and they have business worldwide. Using ergonomic science and the latest technologies, they are designing desks that keep you maximum active during your work.

We all know that COVID19 creates an emergency situation in the world. Every country is taking precautionary measures to stay safe from the virus. Since it is spread through human touch and contact, people worldwide are told to maintain social distancing and stay at home as much as possible.

Every employer is also encouraging the work from home factors and they are supporting the employees to make an environment where they can work properly without any problem. StarErgo is also supporting the emergency condition and our wide range of products ensures that you can stay active while working from home.

Here some of the best options we bring to you that make your work environment at home better. It is our humble request to everyone not to roam outside unless there is an emergency.

Electric Standing Desks

Electric Standing Desks:

StarErgo designs its product smartly so that you will get the most advanced feature. With the application of some most trending features, our desk remains at the leading space in the competition. Our electric standing desks are an improved version of commonly available sitting-standing desks.

These desks do not confuse you with so many unnecessary features because we have concentrated on your requirements. You will get only those options that make your desk job active and the best. We keep the price reasonable so that everyone can afford our products.

These electric smart desks are the best for your office, home or for use in schools. It is built with the LED memory controller that helps you adjust the heights and three programmable memory presets to save your desired heights.

They are also built with the unique motor technology that gives you noise-free height adjustment. We use quality motor because we do not want to leave any corner of your dissatisfaction. The best thing is that we are not just the sellers of electric standing desks, but we are also the manufacturer of these desks. We understand which features you need that help you to solve the real issues. 

We come up with a sit-stand reminder because we understand that forgetting about your health during your work is a very common thing. This reminder tells you to sit or stand and continue your work.

We have included another feature called collision avoidance system to avoid a system that stops the height adjustment if there is any collision occurs. This feature is mainly included for safety purposes.

We are supporting the work from home initiative due to the corona virus outbreak. Distance yourself from others and helps the nation to fight against the virus. Stay at home and continue your work for the flow of productivity.

Electric sit-stand workstation:

Electric sit-stand workstation:

This is another product we designed for office and home use. These sit-stand workstations are spacious enough to hold all required accessories for the work. But, behind its success or demand is its innovative approach to convert your regular desk into a sit-stand desk. This means you no need to replace your old desks. Put these workstations on the top of your desk and raise the height for the sitting position.

We have tested the products in the market before bringing it to you. We analyzed the market demand and made necessary changes in the products in order to make it a successful one that solves the real challenges.

A strong and noiseless motor does not disturb a peaceful environment and you can easily adjust its heights. It also comes up with an easy-to-use press controller. It comes up with a large surface for giving you enough space.

We developed our desks after spending time in the market and we addressed a few factors that we solve through our products.

We used a non-skid silicone pad that protects the work surface from the scratches. You will also get an ergonomic keyboard tray for placing your keyboards. It also offers you the UL certified motors.

Why you buy QualGear sit-stand desks?

QualGear sit-stand desks are built to solve the real problems faced by people with their desk jobs. We introduced ergonomic science to designing our products. This helps people to maintain a healthy working balance. We concentrated on the core requirements and try to advance them for improving productivity. 

We are offering unique designs different from other companies and we believe in ergonomics that solely describes the products and technologies for the betterment of your health. Our every product promises to offer you the most innovative technologies that you haven’t experienced before. Among the extraordinary choices, LED memory controllers, gas-spring lifts, flexible configuration, and easy set-up options are the most common ones. Visit us online for exploring our collections.

To make you feel safe, we request everyone to start working from home and avoid public gathering and mass communication. Stay at your home and maintain the social distance from others. The whole world is fighting against the Corona Virus and you can also participate in the fight by not stepping out.

Starego’s Ergonomics Products For Office

Starego's Ergonomics Products

Starego has been a leading supplier of ergonomic furniture for years. Among the products we deal in include electric sit-stand workstations, electric standing desk frames, and ergonomic sit-stand workstations. Whether you are a Small scale firm or a huge company and you want to transition from traditional office desks to modern ergonomic desks, you can count on us. Starego has created an impeccable reputation over many years for many reasons including:

Ergonomics Products

Providing a variety of products for customers :

We deal in many ergonomic products including 3 Stage Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame, Electric Standing Desk Converter – SE09E2WB, 3 Stage Reverse Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame – SE06E1FB, Electric Sit-Stand Workstation – SE04E1WB, 3 Stage Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame- SE07E1FW, Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter, White – SE91, Portable Standing Desk Converter – SE21. Our ergonomic designs provide solutions to a wide range of factors affecting productivity and well being including cognitive aspects like human interaction, stress, physical like standing and sitting postures, the layout of the work space as well as environmental factors like sound and light.

Flexibility :

Ease and portability are at the heart of Starego’s designs of workstations. Flexibility ensures you have an easy time when its time to rearrange your office or move to a new location. Aside from that, ergonomics furniture’s like the standing desk converter allows you to continue using your current desk and just put the new one as the desktop. A Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation – SE01M1WB is also highly flexible making it convenient for shipping.

Warranty :

At Starego, the quality of our ergonomic furniture is assured. We use top-notch quality and durable materials like MDF & steel to make our products to give them a long life. Best of all, we give a warranty of up to 1 year in our products. This means that if you buy a sit-stand workstation and after a while of using it you encounter some malfunctions, you can send it back for an exchange with a good one.

Easy assembly :

Our products are easy to assemble to make it easy for our customers.  They come in a box ready to set up on your workstation. We understand the hassle that comes with the assembly of ergonomic furniture especially for novice customers of ergonomic furniture with little or no experience of using such desks.

integrated cable management

Cable management :

Our workstations are made with a unique design to give them a great aesthetic value. Additionally, we have made special integrated cable management grooves. Most people dislike working in a work space where cables are lying everywhere. We believe the technical and aesthetic design of the workstation would go a long way in increasing productivity and motivating office workers.

Work surface :

Our workstations have been made to suit any office set up. We prefer providing ample workspace ensuring you can place all the tools you require when working. There’s an additional mobile device tray on workstations that also provide extra space for storage.

Starego is a reliable partner for your ergonomic needs. Our team of professionals listens attentively to our clients’ needs in order to design an ergonomic plan that will work for you.

What Are The Advantages Of Standing Desks?

Standing Desks

In the old days, most office workers spent their entire day sitting and this led to many complaints among them including back and neck pains, boredom, unproductivity, and the likes. However, since the entire standing desk craze picked, most employees have transitioned. This is definitely a bold move especially when it comes to mitigating the negative side effects of sitting all day.

We are all different and while some people prefer to stand while working, others prefer to sit all day. However, after several trials and errors, scientists figured out standing desks work best. Besides the fact that they are modern and classy, they have many attached benefits. In this read, you will see some of them:

Standing Desks

Increased energy :

Standing dramatically increases blood flow and keeps your mind more alert and obviously, it’s almost impossible to get sleepy while standing. Most workers who sit all day long often find themselves sleeping especially in the afternoon hours after lunch.  On the contrary, while standing you are constantly active and well aware of your body. This means that besides staying active, you are also more productive. This is among the number of the drive of Starego in distributing standing desks to Offices across the globe, increasing productivity.

Improved relations among workers :

The use of standing desks in organizations has been found to build teamwork to a great extent. You will probably find yourself engaging more with your fellow workers when standing or probably even take note of something happening. Generally speaking, research shows that co-workers tend to engage more with each other. Instead of sending emails about every small thing, they actually look at each other and pass the message on one.

Standing Desks

Improved posture and core strength :

Standing for long durations and maintaining a food posture throughout work time is an added advantage to any worker. Sitting is strenuous to the back and the tail bone in comparison to sitting for about 8-10 hours a day. Additionally, it keeps your blood flowing and prevents you from having Musculoskeletal disorders. As a matter of fact, lesser cases of sicknesses among employees have been reported among office workers that have transitioned to using standing desks as opposed to using conventional desks.

Readiness for action :

When. workers are sitter and sedentary, it would take a while to get up and act in the event of an emergency. For instance, if the office is invaded by thugs or during times of fire accidents office workers would act more swiftly while standing as compared to when sitting. There are many instances where office workers perish in offices when accidents occur and buying standing desks from Starego can save your workers from such calamities.

Boosts mood :

Aside from the physical fitness advantages which standing desks bring by, they also play an immense role in boosting the mood of the workers. Happy workers would definitely yield more results. At the same time, it also maintains mental wellness among workers. Lesser cases of stress and depression among office workers have been reported since the inception of standing desks.

Standing Desks

Reduces cases of overweight and obesity :

The use of standing desks plays a vital role in burning calories in the body. The biggest reason as to why many office workers are becoming obese is due to sitting for prolonged durations of time. At the same time, they lack time for hitting the gym after work. since the invention of standing desks, office workers are able to keep fit while at the same time working. They increasingly burn calories thus Maintaining a healthy weight. StarErgo has been emphasizing on this major transition from traditional desks to standing desks as a way to enhance fitness among workers.

Reduced downtime seasons :

Office workers who remain in a sitting position all day have a tendency of missing work due to fatigue from time to time. Moreover, diseases resulting from sedentary lifestyles are most prevalent among office workers. Thanks to the invention of standing desks which have helped to a great extent when it comes to improving body health. The fact that standing desks reduce diseases associated with sitting means that they help in reducing the number of times employees miss work due to ailment.

All said and done, it is definitely a good idea to buy standing desks from StarEgo as this would go a long way in improving your workstation.

6 Health Benefits of Using Standing Desks at Work

Portable Electric Standing Desk Converte

Standing desks have increasingly gained popularity over many years. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that they have been associated with many health benefits. As a matter of fact, most office workers who are using standing desks have reported lesser cases of illnesses. Health studies also show that people leading sedentary lives or sit for prolonged durations of time are at a higher risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and have a reduced life span. A combination of the 3 diseases is termed as “sitting disease”.

Starego has for years been supplying standing desks to offices in order to mitigate the diseases.  They have discovered that standing during work hours even for about half an hour intervals would have a major impact on your general wellness. Using this kind of standing desks has innumerable health benefits.

Reduces Musculoskeletal Disorders

Neck and Back pains are some of the Musculoskeletal disorders many office workers end up suffering from. Thanks to the suppliers of standing desks like the Starego. Standing desks are also called sit-stand desks or height-adjustable desks which are all range and make a change of posture pretty much easy during working time.

 For instance, they have high adjustability of the desktop’s height as well as a swiveling chair that can move out of your way while standing. The change of posture plays a big role in reducing fatigue and prevents back strain. Research has shown that standing desks have reduced upper back pain as well as neck pain by 54%. Back pains by office employees have been reported in about 80% of the workers who especially sit all day. Standing desks have reduced such instances to a great extent. A project done in 2011 showed that participants who spend about 66 minutes of work time standing experience 54% of upper back& neck pain.

 Lowers heart disease risk

For over 60 years, researchers have been carrying out a study on the benefits of standing at work. In 1953, it was found out that workers who stand the whole day have reduced risks of suffering from heart-related diseases. On the contrary, employees who live sedentary lifestyles have a 90% rise of increased chances of getting cardiovascular diseases. This may be attributed to the fact that standing helps in burning more calories as opposed to working while sitting. Weight loss ensures that the workers live healthy hence staying productive for long.

Reduced cases of obesity

Using standing desks from Starego helps you burn 750 more calories every week. In general, weight gain and hence obesity is normally associated with the consumption of more calories as compared to the amount of calories the body is burning. Many office workers are presently complaining that they have gained massive weight in their jobs.  The good thing is that most of them have embraced the idea of using standing desks as a way of helping them work out amidst work. Through standing while working, you can burn up to 50vcalories extra every hour. In a year’s time, you can burn up to 3,000 calories which are approximately about 8lbs of fat.

Reduced risks of diabetes 2

It is normal for blood sugar levels to rise after a meal, persons whose blood sugar levels are high stand a risk of getting diabetes. However, a poor lifestyle would mean that these blood sugars are stored as energy repositories in the body. cumulatively, they may lead to poor health, diabetes 2. Standing desks from Starego ensure that you make use of these sugars during your standing durations. A study carried out in 2013 showed a reduction of blood sugar levels by 43% amongst workers using standing desks.

Boosts mood and energy

Durations of sitting increase sedentary time and has been closely associated with anxiety and depression. This would support the ideology behind standing as a way of enhancing mood and increasing happiness.   

In a Take-a-stand project that was conducted in 2011, about 24 workers were given a standing desk. In a period of about 4 weeks, the participants reported an improvement in mood states having reduced their sitting durations by 66 minutes. This is a clear indication that buying standing desks from Starego would go a long way in improving your general body wellness.

Getting Ahead With A Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter?

Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter

You don’t need to recruit a new team to increase your company’s productivity. Of course, sometimes the office tasks may be overwhelming thus demanding more hands, but this is not always the case. sometimes, you only need to introduce smart technology to enable your workers to produce more results, effortlessly. Generally speaking, you don’t need a complete overhaul in order to stay healthier or happier. StarEgo has a  Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter that would help you see your company grow from analog to digital. It has been designed in such a way that it dramatically converts your conventional office desk to a smart AI Desk.

In this read, you will find out some of the ways how Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter would contribute to growing your business

Helps in enhancing health and fitness

Days are gone when office workers have to remain sitter all day. Apart from the boredom that sitting for prolonged durations brings along, it has attributed to most of the work lifestyle diseases we hear about including MuscoSkeletal Disorders, Diabetes, heart-related diseases, and fatigue. StarEgo’s Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter helps to increase the standing duration of your employees. This way, they end up burning calories while at the same time executing their office duties. Eventually, they escape weight-related diseases as well as increasing productivity.

 Saves you space

Let’s be honest, if I told you about the idea of Transitioning from the traditional office desks to modern smart desks, you automatically imagine you have to throw away your old office furniture to replace it with the new one. Good thing, you do not need to do that. All you need is to contact StarEgo and explain your office needs to them. They are able to customize a solution to be a perfect fit for your case. This also means that you will not need to crowd your space by trying to put up separate desks for sitting and standing. The StarEgo’s Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter will help you to effortlessly transition to a smart desk.

It’s economical

To most people, the concept of transiting to smart desks may sound like it means a whole office makeover. of course, this would be crazily expensive especially for offices with a big team of workers. Thanks to the technology of a Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter. You only need to contact a team of Ergonomics experts like say StarEgo and discuss your office needs with them. They will help you upgrade from traditional desks to Smart AI desks at extremely good rates as opposed to when buying an entire set of new Smart AI Desks.

Increases Productivity

While there are many ways of increasing the productivity of office workers, the most effective one is introducing comfortable postures. A Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter allows users to switch from sitting to standing at given intervals. This transition not only keeps the office workers active and healthy but also makes an immense contribution towards increasing productivity. The old tradition of office workers remain in sitting all day is toxic and also encourages laziness. Thanks to StarEgo for availing a Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter which does the magic.

Increase Efficiency

Office workers sometimes are overwhelmed by tasks to be executed in a day. More often than not, some workers even skip meals unnoticeably. By transiting to Smart AI desks, you enjoy the privilege of having an AI assistant who helps you manage simple tasks as well as helps you adopt healthy postures. For instance, it will give the user uber suggestions or even contact thousands of restaurants within for a meal order during meal hours.

The truth is, there are many stores selling Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter and Smart AI Desks with varying capacities and features. Different varieties are also made of different building materials from wood to aluminum. While some have ample working surface to place the keyboard and mouse, others are way smaller or with just enough space. The ultimate goal however is to get a workstation that is not only quality but is healthier and result generating. This is why you should be very keen when buying an AI Smart Desk Convertor, making sure you only buy from reputable firms like StatErgo.

Ultimately though, you’re going to want a workstation that will lead to a healthier, happier you and a quality working session.

What You Need To Know About A Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

Sit Stand Workstations

What even is a sit-stand Desktop workstation? It’s basically a desktop gadget also known as an adjustable-height table which enables users to easily switch between working while seated to standing.  Upgrading from the conventional desks to a Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation is definitely a bold move to a healthier, stronger and more productive work style. Ergonomics is definitely a good idea if you want to stay comfortable while you work. And although it may sound sophisticated, StarErgo simplifies it by availing tools and resources to enable you to get your best fit.

Through our many years of experience in the ergonomics industry, we understand that although ergonomics is widely popular, it is narrowly understood. Perhaps the insights in this blog will give you a deep insight into the same.

It contributes to mental well being

Research shows that productivity in any business entity is attributed to the state of mental health. The concept of ergonomics was actually introduced to mitigate the depression cases which seem to be on the rise especially among office workers. Through switching from sitting to standing at intervals, it enables office workers to keep the mind active thus boosting the mood while increasing productivity. Research has shown that the concept of ergonomics was introduced.

It can be personalized to suit the user’s needs

Different office workers have different ergonomic needs depending on the nature of their work as well as other personal metrics. Generally speaking, a Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation has been designed with the mindset that one size never fits all. Hence, to get personalized settings all you need to do is get in touch with an Ergonomics firm like say Qualgear and explain to them the nature of your enterprise’s work and your employees’ preferences. Based on this, they are able to custom make a Smart AI Desk to suit your situation.

You can transition old office desks to Smart AI Desks

You probably wouldn’t believe if I told you that you do not have to replace your old office desks with new ones in order to enjoy the smart technology Desks. Surprisingly, with the electric smart AI Desks converter, you can upgrade your office desks effortlessly. What does this mean? Besides having the advantage of enjoying the AI assistance at a cheaper rate, it saves you space. In most traditional office settings you are likely to find office desks to support both sitting and standing postures separately. However, with this converter, you get a two-in-one desk. This gives you a less crowded workspace.

You can Get your meal planned

Who would even have thought that at such a time, you would have an electronic device placing meal orders for you as you work? Thanks to the Smart technology for making this a reality. There are countless times when office workers skip lunch without noticing due to workload. Having a Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation, despite the AI assistant telling you when you should sit or stand to maintain a healthy posture, it also learns your daily routine as well as your meal preferences. Based on these, when it’s about lunchtime, the AI assistant will contact thousands of restaurants in the vicinity placing a meal order of your favorite dish. Before you know it, lunch is planned.

The future of Ergonomics industry is bright

Besides having advantages such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, boosting the mood and activity and productivity of workers, smart technology may do more in the future. it will probably be designed to be able to execute some administrative tasks without human intervention. This means that probably the smart desks would be fed with a certain program on the nature of tasks it’s expected to perform. It may also be set in such a way that it can troubleshoot some technical hitches within the office.

For more details on Sit-Stand Desktop Workstations, visit www.starergo.com.