Standing Desks Converters – Consider A Few Things Before Buying

Standing desk converters are a cheaper option than your standing desks, but a wrong choice can make your experience disappointing. There are standing desk converters of good quality in the market, and they offer smooth performance, compensating the demand for a standing desk. But many desk converters do not have a strong build, which causes problems when you are using them.

These desk converters also come in different designs, and they also perform differently. Two popular mounting choices are common: freestanding (post and base) and hover (C-Clamp or grommet). Freestanding converters are mostly a crisscross or Z-design. Hover desks have 360-degree adjustability choices.

The desk converters are easy to install, but the use is not comfortable:

Most desk converters do not follow ergonomics, which makes the use of your monitor or keyboards difficult. Although they are easy to install, they will not make your work environment comfortable. Manufacturers often send these desks pre-assembled or in a ready-to-use manner, which means that you can use the desk converters right after unboxing.

The desk surface is too small, which does not give you enough space to place your working stuff perfectly. If you work on dual screens, make sure that your desk converters offer this choice. Some desk converters have a keyboard tray fixed just below your monitor position. Even though you can adjust the monitor, you cannot adjust your keyboard tray.

Sometimes unstable and shaky:

Stability is a common issue with your converter. A shaky keyboard tray will not give you the ultimate comfort when you are typing. The Z-design desks record more complaints because of the poor manufacturing. Remember that not all desks are the same. You will surely get the best desk converters within your budget. Read the customers’ review carefully to find out the product you choose is reliable or not.

Limited work surface:

Standing desk converters will not offer the same work surface as your traditional desk. These converters will sit on top of your desk, reducing the work surface. If you need to place so many things on your desktop, choose a converter with a bigger desk surface.

Converters are difficult to adjust:

These desk converters are not easy to adjust. When you change the desk height, you need to use your physical labor to raise or lower the desk. Electric converters can solve your problem. These converters will quickly change the desk height as per your requirement. While using the desk converters, you need to avoid all the pinching points.

They look ugly:

These desk converters do not look trendy. The manufacturers of the converters concentrate more on the functions than fashion. If you want to match your desk with the interior designs, you can search for the desk converters that meet your demands.

Ergonomic issue:

These desk converters are not made ergonomically, so posture mistake is an obvious thing. While using these desk converters, users often hunch over their desks, increasing the chances for shoulder pain, neck pain, and other complications. Besides, the desk converters will not offer you the right distance between your eyes and the screen. It also makes your sitting posture poor.

These problems are very common in cheaper desk converters. The trust and reputation of manufacturers can be a deciding factor also. StarErgo is a reputed company offering a wide range of desk converters for users. Following ergonomics and flawless designing rules, StarErgo has successfully made a unique position in the market.

StarErgo for your desk converters:

We have spent many years researching employees’ health and wellness before designing our product. Our only aim is to give you the best solutions that will improve your working comfort. With our desk converters, you can avoid all the above-mentioned issues. A strong-built of the product reduces the risks of wobbling.

We have different types of desk converters, which you can choose as per your needs. You can also buy our ergonomic sit-stand workstation to improve your posture. Our portable desk converters offer you a scratch and fire-resistant desktop.

Our electric standing desk converters make the height adjustment easier with a press of a button. We also offer a wider work surface to place your required things on your desk.

With our desk converters, you can also get an easy cable management choice. It will help you keep everything organized. Please visit our product page to get more details.

Types Of The Standing Desk Converters

Standing desk converters are also getting attention from people to break the monotony of the traditional working environment. While sit-stand desks meet the maximum demands, some people prefer these converters. The primary advantage of these desk converters is that you can retain your old desk, reducing the expenses for setting up this modern working culture. You will get different types of standing desk converters in the market. Buy the one that fits your needs of a sit-stand desk perfectly.

These desk converters would be the best choice when you don’t want to replace your old desk. They are portable, which means you can use the product anywhere you want, in your office and your work-from-home setup. Ensure that the product is sturdy enough to lower the chance of wobbling, especially when you are typing. There are mainly three categories of standing desk converter available to you. They are X-lift converter, Z-lift converter, and L-Lift Converter. Here, you will learn more about these converters with their advantages and disadvantages.


X-lift desk converters are a cheaper option because of having a single gas spring and a single-level work surface. If you are looking for budget converters, they will meet your demands perfectly. The best thing about this product is that it can fit into a very small space.

X-lift desk converters have many disadvantages also. The minimal work surface of this desk converter may make you disappointed. It lacks ergonomics, which is the ultimate truth of a comfortable working culture. But, manufacturers are working on the disadvantages to make the X-lift desk converters convenient to your work. These days, you will also get advanced functions, which will enhance your work experience.

Z-Lift Standing Desk Converter:

It is another popular converter category, which will offer you better stability and a larger work surface than X-lift. The price of the desk converter comes in mid-range. Although it is a better choice than X-lifting, it also has some disadvantages. Bulkiness and difficulty to lift can force you to search for other options. With this Z-lifting standing desk converter, you can place your monitor away from you to get a proper eye-screen distance. For the screen height-adjustability, you can buy additional monitor arms.

L-Lift Standing Desk Converter:

This type of desk converter is the best for your use. It will help you set the screen separately to keep it in an ergonomically perfect place. This desk converter has a sturdy pillar and takes less space on your existing desk. With StarErgo, you will get a premium choice with extraordinary functionality.  The motor-driven mode helps you lift heavy loads quickly with a press of a button. With this, you will get a quiet motion that will not interrupt your work. Strong motors of the desk will also improve the stability of your work.

This desk converter has front slots to place your different accessories like phones or tablets. You will also get cable management options that will keep your workstation clean and tidy.

Why Should You Choose StarErgo Dual Monitor Electric Sit-Stand Workstation?

StarErgo introduces the most useful desk converter, and you will nearly get everything you wish for in your converter.  Offering you the option to set two monitors side by side, it also comes with tilted VESA plates to attach the screen to the stand.  You can even rotate the screen to get the best viewing angle.   

Powerful motors also lift a heavy load easily. Besides, the height adjustment range is wide enough to accommodate individual’s needs. With sophisticated motion control, the height adjustment will be smoother and quiet.

We have different standing desk converters for you. Explore our product collections to get the best desk converter for your work. Please visit us for more details.

The Benefits of Using Sit-Stand desk Converters for Every Office

While the demand for standing desks increases every day, their less expensive alternatives – sit-stand desk converters – cover the market with great demand. There are so many reasons that convince you to choose these desk converters instead of complete standing desks. Offices have also started using these desk converters to improve the health of employees. Let’s explore how these desk converters benefit employees.

Although standing desks have a huge advantage over these desk converters, these office furniture products have made their place even in the offices due to certain factors. We have explained all those things that work well to make the desk converter popular.

An affordable investment:

Sit-stand desk converters are an affordable investment for your health.  These desk converters get new features and technologies, which make them more effective to the users. You can reap the benefits of sitting and standing at your desk for your health with these products. Unlike a sit-stand desk, it does not cost you high also. Check the features of the desk converters and buy quality products for your work. If you are buying them for your office environment, you will get even better deals.

Helps you maintain a healthy weight:

Employees who sit for long hours have a slower metabolism, which decreases their calorie-burning process. The desk converter’s purpose is to allow employees to sit or stand while working at their desks. So, these products can help you improve metabolism, which leads you to healthy weight management.

Standing can prevent metabolic syndrome:

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that can increase heart disease, stroke, diabetes, weight gain, and obesity. Simply standing can prevent these health conditions by maintaining insulin levels. When your body has an insulin imbalance, it makes your metabolism sluggish.

Reduces back and neck pain:

Prolonged sitting causes pain in your neck and back. Our body does not support the sit-only mode. The more you move, the better your health will stay. With these desk converters, you can enhance your body movements. But, stretching exercises are essential to get the maximum comfort for your health. When you are standing, you bring your body back to the natural position, releasing stress and pressure from your musculoskeletal structure.

Improves mood and productivity:

When you stand, your body remains in a better alignment, helping you avoid pain and discomfort. Standing improves your energy level and makes you less frustrated and tired while working. These desk converters will easily convert your existing desk into sit-stand desks, which allow you to sit or stand while working. These desk converters also have positive effects on your productivity.

Can decrease the risk of death from any cause:

Prolonged sitting can increase the chances of early death. But, when you start working while standing, you can decrease the chance of early death.

Sit-stand desk converters are easy-to-assemble:

When you buy converters, you will not face difficulties in assembling the parts. Most desk converters come pre-assembled. Otherwise, manufacturers offer an easy-to-assemble guide that will make your setup easier.

You can use your old desk:

Desk converters will allow you to use your old desk. These desk converters will sit on top of your traditional desk and transform it into a sit-stand workstation. Although you will not get a huge work surface, there will be enough space for placing your regular items.  

If you have a small office and want to support your employees’ health, you can opt for these desk converters. They will not take enough space and fit your requirement well.

Buy electric standing desk converter from StarErgo:

StarErgo is a trusted manufacturer of electric standing desk converters, offering a wide variety of desks to meet even the most unique requirement. Our portable desks help you transform your regular desks into sit-stand workstations smartly. You will get scratch and stain-resistant tabletops that offer you enough space to accommodate all basic things for your work, including a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. We have designed the desk converter with a premium electric motor for a smooth transition between sitting and standing. You will also get many advanced features with our desk converters.

Depending on the diverse needs of people, we introduced products that meet every requirement. Keeping the core features strong and superior, we offer you a way to embrace a health-friendly working environment with much less investment. Our collection of products is huge, and we are still expanding. Please visit our product page for more details.