Why Do You Need An Electric Height Adjustable Desk?

Height Adjustable desks bring necessary changes in your working life. Cutting down your sitting hours alone can help you with many benefits. You can avoid all the adverse effects of sitting too long when you start using a sit-stand desk. But, as time goes, manufacturers come up with numerous options that will make you confused about the best desk to buy. We have discussed a few key factors that will clear all your doubts and lead you to the best quality desks.

We believe that height adjustability is a primary thing to consider while buying a desk for you. Since these desks allow you to sit or stand while working, the ease of height adjustability seems to be the primary factor. Depending on different working types, manufacturers introduce products that can accommodate different needs.

Electric adjustable desks are the most common option because they have a better height adjustment choice and are affordable. However, you have manual adjustment options also. Users think that manual adjustable desks would cost less than the electric options. Although it is not completely wrong, you will find electric desks within your affordable range also.


If the price is the primary factor that drives you away from the electric adjustable desk, we have good news for you. Manufacturers pay attention to the quality of the desk, and they introduce a budget desk that will help you set up your ergonomic office easily. If you search deeper, you may even get electric desks that cost you less than the hand crank or pneumatic desks. If you ask us which one to buy for your work, we will undoubtedly choose an electric adjustable desk for you.

Time-consuming and laborious:

Hand-crank desks need your physical efforts to change the desk height, which is one of the desk’s common downsides. Height adjustment also takes time, which means it interrupts your workflow and may delay your work. If the height adjustment option has such obstacles, users tend to retain a single working position for long hours. Since prolonged sitting and standing both are bad for your health, you end up wasting your investment. So, buy an electric height adjustable desk that swiftly changes the desk height with a press of a button or otherwise.

Weight capacity and counterbalance:

Although pneumatic desks change the desk height instantly, it needs your physical and mental efforts to counterbalance the weight. When it comes to carrying the loads, these desks are not as flexible as the electric ones. Pneumatic desks can carry a specific weight; more or less than this can lower your experience. You will not get such issues with your electric desks.

Height range:

Setting a proper height with your pneumatic or hand-crank desks will be tricky. But, electric adjustable desks come up with a height range option, from lowest to highest. You can set your desk at any point as per your comfort. Setting the desk height is even easier with your electric desk.

Affordable and useful, electric height adjustable desks will meet your requirement pretty well. Being a reputed manufacturer of adjustable desks, we recommend people electric desks for their work. Check the quality before your purchase. The high demand for these desks encourages many unlawful names to design adjustable desks without the knowledge of ergonomics. They are good for nothing. So, find a trusted name to buy a quality desk for your work.

Why StarErgo?

StarErgo is a coveted manufacturer that introduces electric height adjustable desks after a long year of research on employees’ health and ergonomics. We introduced minimalistic features to offer a budget desk, helping you set your working environment comfortable without spending much. We concentrated on the core features and supported them with our innovative thoughts and creative ideas. Each product will definitely bring a smile to your face, from technological parts and economic choices. Please visit us to know more about the desk.

How to Buy the Best Standing Desk Converter

Standing desk converters offer a budget-friendly option to convert your ordinary desk into a sit-stand desk. While a quality standing desk costs you high, you can simply make your working environment ergonomically perfect with this affordable desk converter. You may not want to replace your old desk with a new desk. You can easily achieve your standing position while working with this converter. 

Since the market is full of choices, you may get confused about the best option for your work. We have discussed some important factors for you. You can check whether these qualities are available on your chosen desk converter or not. 

Choose the types:

The converting mechanism distinguishes one option from others. The way you lift your desk surface categorizes the desk converters. The most popular ones are Z-Lift and X-Lift converters since they offer you the right blend of versatility and ergonomics. 

The height range:

Check the height range of the converter, especially if you are a taller person. Ensure that the highest height range of the desk converter accommodates your height preference perfectly. If you are looking for a stable option, the Z-Lift can meet your requirement perfectly. These converters have a dropped keyboard tray, which means your monitor will remain a few inches higher than your keyboard. It will help you maintain the right viewing angle as well as the perfect ergonomic benefit. Remember that the less you raise your monitor, the more stable your converter remains. 

Find the ideal work surface:

It is true that you will not get as much work surface on your desk converter as on your standing desk. But, a converter offers you enough space for your work. The choice of work surface completely depends on the type of your work and your personal preferences. The options are so huge that you will get a product that will meet your interest.

Work Surface stability:

Stability is the prime factor that will make or break your expectation. If your sit-stand desk converter shakes, it will lower your work experience, causing problems for typing and viewing angles. Z-lifts are secure enough and are the stable choice for your work.

Monitor adjustability:

You will get a sit-stand desk converter with or without monitor adjustability. Many manufacturers design their converters with monitor adjustability choices. With this option, you can tilt, rotate, or pan your monitor screen. This flexibility will help you set your screen at the right angle. As per the ergonomic rule, keep your monitor at arm’s length away from you to get better visibility.

Monitor mounting option:

A standing desk converter can give you maximum support for your work with the monitor mounting option. Check whether your desk maintains the VESA compatible mounting option or not. Here, the size of the monitor also plays a crucial role. Ensure that the mounting option can carry the size and the weight of the monitor perfectly. 

Easy to assemble and install option:

The easy assemble option will help you fix the standing desk converter quickly on your regular sit-only desk. If the process includes complex things, it will make you frustrated. No matter what type of converter you buy, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Sometimes one person is enough for the assembling task. However, you need another person to lift the converter and set it on your desk.

Quality of parts:

You can easily guess that cheaper, plastic-made parts will not go longer. Check the material of your converter to get the best option. 

Buy a Sit-Stand Desk Converter from StarErgo:

If you want to pick the quality option for your sit-stand desk converter, StarErgo is the destination for you. The company has designed an array of products with different features to ensure your desk’s best quality.

You will get a premium series of products from StarErgo, where the quality features will improve your working experience. You will get a strong motor to ensure the stable lifting of the height, avoiding the shakiness of your desk. Added to this, you will get a large surface for placing the things of your choice on the desk surface. 

You name the feature, and StarErgo makes it ready for you on standing desk converters. You can adjust the monitor viewing angle with the free-tilting design of the converter. The cable management options will keep your desk look neat and clean, which will give you a refreshing working environment. 

Our collection is huge for you. Please visit our product pages to get more details.  

The Best Work From Home Tips

The challenges you experience while working from home are different from the challenges of office work. You tend to spend more time in front of your computer to meet your work routine because of your home space distractions. Avoiding all the indoor noise can be difficult. We have some unique tips that will help you concentrate on your work with attentiveness. Making your home office ergonomically perfect is the first step to get a comfortable working environment. Invest in an electric standing desk and an ergonomic chair for your home office to stay active, regardless of the work pressure.

Work from home can trigger your stress since you have many responsibilities to take care of. Your brain can also get tired, and work productivity will go down. While you will get many tips to stay calm and happy when you search online, you may forget to take breaks. You need frequent breaks from your work to be more attentive. Ensure that you take a productive break that helps you to work with dedication.

Studies proved that regular breaks encourage employees to get back to their work seamlessly, avoiding all distractions. Productive breaks are different from the break you generally take between your works. The experts defined that when your brain feels fatigues, shut down your computer and separate yourself from work for a few minutes. It allows your mind to rest and helps you recover from the fatigue you experience from being in front of the screen for long hours.

Follow these 3 simple tips for your work from home:

Organize an ergonomic home office:

A comfortable home office is necessary. A desk that encourages your body movement keeps you more active and healthy at work. So, buy Sit-Stand Workstations with the height-adjustment feature. The height-adjustable desk gives you an option to sit or stand while working. They come in different height ranges and choices to meet your demands perfectly. 

Along with a desk, you need an ergonomic chair to sit comfortably. The design of the chair supports the natural curve of your spine, which improves your sitting posture. To get a better result, you can sit according to the ergonomic rules. Sit with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle, keeping your thighs parallel to the floor. Rest your feet flat on the floor, or you can use a footrest.

Plan your break times:

We have talked about productive break time, but you need to plan things accordingly to manage your time better. You can try the Pomodoro Technique that tells you to consider your entire workday and divide it into 25-minute chunks with a 15-minute break after each work set.

You may think that it includes too much break time. But, the technique aims to heal your brain fatigue so that you can concentrate more on your work when the break is over. You are less likely to get distracted when you follow this technique. It helps you feel that you have time for everything. 


Stretch your body to release the tension buildup on your muscles and joints. You can follow some desk exercises with simple steps that you can perform easily. Address your health problems and include stretches that solve the issue. 

Disconnecting yourself from work in the break time will give you the ultimate rest. Many employees take breaks without leaving their chairs, answering personal messages. But, it is not the ultimate break we are talking about here. Disconnect yourself from the screens and breathe fresh air away from the work zone.

StarErgo electric sit-stand desk frame:

StarErgo supports your remote working choice and helps you build a perfect home office, maintaining working comfort. Our standing desk frame is built with superior craftsmanship and quality materials that will give you a smoother experience. It will move up and down effortlessly, allowing you to change your working position often. You will also get a digital LED memory controller for your customizable setting. The heavier lifting capacity helps you place everything you require on your desk. With desk stability and column stages, you can set a proper desk height for your working comfort. Please check our product pages for more details.