Types Of The Standing Desk Converters

Standing desk converters are also getting attention from people to break the monotony of the traditional working environment. While sit-stand desks meet the maximum demands, some people prefer these converters. The primary advantage of these desk converters is that you can retain your old desk, reducing the expenses for setting up this modern working culture. You will get different types of standing desk converters in the market. Buy the one that fits your needs of a sit-stand desk perfectly.

These desk converters would be the best choice when you don’t want to replace your old desk. They are portable, which means you can use the product anywhere you want, in your office and your work-from-home setup. Ensure that the product is sturdy enough to lower the chance of wobbling, especially when you are typing. There are mainly three categories of standing desk converter available to you. They are X-lift converter, Z-lift converter, and L-Lift Converter. Here, you will learn more about these converters with their advantages and disadvantages.


X-lift desk converters are a cheaper option because of having a single gas spring and a single-level work surface. If you are looking for budget converters, they will meet your demands perfectly. The best thing about this product is that it can fit into a very small space.

X-lift desk converters have many disadvantages also. The minimal work surface of this desk converter may make you disappointed. It lacks ergonomics, which is the ultimate truth of a comfortable working culture. But, manufacturers are working on the disadvantages to make the X-lift desk converters convenient to your work. These days, you will also get advanced functions, which will enhance your work experience.

Z-Lift Standing Desk Converter:

It is another popular converter category, which will offer you better stability and a larger work surface than X-lift. The price of the desk converter comes in mid-range. Although it is a better choice than X-lifting, it also has some disadvantages. Bulkiness and difficulty to lift can force you to search for other options. With this Z-lifting standing desk converter, you can place your monitor away from you to get a proper eye-screen distance. For the screen height-adjustability, you can buy additional monitor arms.

L-Lift Standing Desk Converter:

This type of desk converter is the best for your use. It will help you set the screen separately to keep it in an ergonomically perfect place. This desk converter has a sturdy pillar and takes less space on your existing desk. With StarErgo, you will get a premium choice with extraordinary functionality.  The motor-driven mode helps you lift heavy loads quickly with a press of a button. With this, you will get a quiet motion that will not interrupt your work. Strong motors of the desk will also improve the stability of your work.

This desk converter has front slots to place your different accessories like phones or tablets. You will also get cable management options that will keep your workstation clean and tidy.

Why Should You Choose StarErgo Dual Monitor Electric Sit-Stand Workstation?

StarErgo introduces the most useful desk converter, and you will nearly get everything you wish for in your converter.  Offering you the option to set two monitors side by side, it also comes with tilted VESA plates to attach the screen to the stand.  You can even rotate the screen to get the best viewing angle.   

Powerful motors also lift a heavy load easily. Besides, the height adjustment range is wide enough to accommodate individual’s needs. With sophisticated motion control, the height adjustment will be smoother and quiet.

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