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Starego's Ergonomics Products

Starego has been a leading supplier of ergonomic furniture for years. Among the products we deal in include electric sit-stand workstations, electric standing desk frames, and ergonomic sit-stand workstations. Whether you are a Small scale firm or a huge company and you want to transition from traditional office desks to modern ergonomic desks, you can count on us. Starego has created an impeccable reputation over many years for many reasons including:

Ergonomics Products

Providing a variety of products for customers :

We deal in many ergonomic products including 3 Stage Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame, Electric Standing Desk Converter – SE09E2WB, 3 Stage Reverse Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame – SE06E1FB, Electric Sit-Stand Workstation – SE04E1WB, 3 Stage Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame- SE07E1FW, Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter, White – SE91, Portable Standing Desk Converter – SE21. Our ergonomic designs provide solutions to a wide range of factors affecting productivity and well being including cognitive aspects like human interaction, stress, physical like standing and sitting postures, the layout of the work space as well as environmental factors like sound and light.

Flexibility :

Ease and portability are at the heart of Starego’s designs of workstations. Flexibility ensures you have an easy time when its time to rearrange your office or move to a new location. Aside from that, ergonomics furniture’s like the standing desk converter allows you to continue using your current desk and just put the new one as the desktop. A Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation – SE01M1WB is also highly flexible making it convenient for shipping.

Warranty :

At Starego, the quality of our ergonomic furniture is assured. We use top-notch quality and durable materials like MDF & steel to make our products to give them a long life. Best of all, we give a warranty of up to 1 year in our products. This means that if you buy a sit-stand workstation and after a while of using it you encounter some malfunctions, you can send it back for an exchange with a good one.

Easy assembly :

Our products are easy to assemble to make it easy for our customers.  They come in a box ready to set up on your workstation. We understand the hassle that comes with the assembly of ergonomic furniture especially for novice customers of ergonomic furniture with little or no experience of using such desks.

integrated cable management

Cable management :

Our workstations are made with a unique design to give them a great aesthetic value. Additionally, we have made special integrated cable management grooves. Most people dislike working in a work space where cables are lying everywhere. We believe the technical and aesthetic design of the workstation would go a long way in increasing productivity and motivating office workers.

Work surface :

Our workstations have been made to suit any office set up. We prefer providing ample workspace ensuring you can place all the tools you require when working. There’s an additional mobile device tray on workstations that also provide extra space for storage.

Starego is a reliable partner for your ergonomic needs. Our team of professionals listens attentively to our clients’ needs in order to design an ergonomic plan that will work for you.

What Are The Advantages Of Standing Desks?

Standing Desks

In the old days, most office workers spent their entire day sitting and this led to many complaints among them including back and neck pains, boredom, unproductivity, and the likes. However, since the entire standing desk craze picked, most employees have transitioned. This is definitely a bold move especially when it comes to mitigating the negative side effects of sitting all day.

We are all different and while some people prefer to stand while working, others prefer to sit all day. However, after several trials and errors, scientists figured out standing desks work best. Besides the fact that they are modern and classy, they have many attached benefits. In this read, you will see some of them:

Standing Desks

Increased energy :

Standing dramatically increases blood flow and keeps your mind more alert and obviously, it’s almost impossible to get sleepy while standing. Most workers who sit all day long often find themselves sleeping especially in the afternoon hours after lunch.  On the contrary, while standing you are constantly active and well aware of your body. This means that besides staying active, you are also more productive. This is among the number of the drive of Starego in distributing standing desks to Offices across the globe, increasing productivity.

Improved relations among workers :

The use of standing desks in organizations has been found to build teamwork to a great extent. You will probably find yourself engaging more with your fellow workers when standing or probably even take note of something happening. Generally speaking, research shows that co-workers tend to engage more with each other. Instead of sending emails about every small thing, they actually look at each other and pass the message on one.

Standing Desks

Improved posture and core strength :

Standing for long durations and maintaining a food posture throughout work time is an added advantage to any worker. Sitting is strenuous to the back and the tail bone in comparison to sitting for about 8-10 hours a day. Additionally, it keeps your blood flowing and prevents you from having Musculoskeletal disorders. As a matter of fact, lesser cases of sicknesses among employees have been reported among office workers that have transitioned to using standing desks as opposed to using conventional desks.

Readiness for action :

When. workers are sitter and sedentary, it would take a while to get up and act in the event of an emergency. For instance, if the office is invaded by thugs or during times of fire accidents office workers would act more swiftly while standing as compared to when sitting. There are many instances where office workers perish in offices when accidents occur and buying standing desks from Starego can save your workers from such calamities.

Boosts mood :

Aside from the physical fitness advantages which standing desks bring by, they also play an immense role in boosting the mood of the workers. Happy workers would definitely yield more results. At the same time, it also maintains mental wellness among workers. Lesser cases of stress and depression among office workers have been reported since the inception of standing desks.

Standing Desks

Reduces cases of overweight and obesity :

The use of standing desks plays a vital role in burning calories in the body. The biggest reason as to why many office workers are becoming obese is due to sitting for prolonged durations of time. At the same time, they lack time for hitting the gym after work. since the invention of standing desks, office workers are able to keep fit while at the same time working. They increasingly burn calories thus Maintaining a healthy weight. StarErgo has been emphasizing on this major transition from traditional desks to standing desks as a way to enhance fitness among workers.

Reduced downtime seasons :

Office workers who remain in a sitting position all day have a tendency of missing work due to fatigue from time to time. Moreover, diseases resulting from sedentary lifestyles are most prevalent among office workers. Thanks to the invention of standing desks which have helped to a great extent when it comes to improving body health. The fact that standing desks reduce diseases associated with sitting means that they help in reducing the number of times employees miss work due to ailment.

All said and done, it is definitely a good idea to buy standing desks from StarEgo as this would go a long way in improving your workstation.

6 Health Benefits of Using Standing Desks at Work

Portable Electric Standing Desk Converte

Standing desks have increasingly gained popularity over many years. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that they have been associated with many health benefits. As a matter of fact, most office workers who are using standing desks have reported lesser cases of illnesses. Health studies also show that people leading sedentary lives or sit for prolonged durations of time are at a higher risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and have a reduced life span. A combination of the 3 diseases is termed as “sitting disease”.

Starego has for years been supplying standing desks to offices in order to mitigate the diseases.  They have discovered that standing during work hours even for about half an hour intervals would have a major impact on your general wellness. Using this kind of standing desks has innumerable health benefits.

Reduces Musculoskeletal Disorders

Neck and Back pains are some of the Musculoskeletal disorders many office workers end up suffering from. Thanks to the suppliers of standing desks like the Starego. Standing desks are also called sit-stand desks or height-adjustable desks which are all range and make a change of posture pretty much easy during working time.

 For instance, they have high adjustability of the desktop’s height as well as a swiveling chair that can move out of your way while standing. The change of posture plays a big role in reducing fatigue and prevents back strain. Research has shown that standing desks have reduced upper back pain as well as neck pain by 54%. Back pains by office employees have been reported in about 80% of the workers who especially sit all day. Standing desks have reduced such instances to a great extent. A project done in 2011 showed that participants who spend about 66 minutes of work time standing experience 54% of upper back& neck pain.

 Lowers heart disease risk

For over 60 years, researchers have been carrying out a study on the benefits of standing at work. In 1953, it was found out that workers who stand the whole day have reduced risks of suffering from heart-related diseases. On the contrary, employees who live sedentary lifestyles have a 90% rise of increased chances of getting cardiovascular diseases. This may be attributed to the fact that standing helps in burning more calories as opposed to working while sitting. Weight loss ensures that the workers live healthy hence staying productive for long.

Reduced cases of obesity

Using standing desks from Starego helps you burn 750 more calories every week. In general, weight gain and hence obesity is normally associated with the consumption of more calories as compared to the amount of calories the body is burning. Many office workers are presently complaining that they have gained massive weight in their jobs.  The good thing is that most of them have embraced the idea of using standing desks as a way of helping them work out amidst work. Through standing while working, you can burn up to 50vcalories extra every hour. In a year’s time, you can burn up to 3,000 calories which are approximately about 8lbs of fat.

Reduced risks of diabetes 2

It is normal for blood sugar levels to rise after a meal, persons whose blood sugar levels are high stand a risk of getting diabetes. However, a poor lifestyle would mean that these blood sugars are stored as energy repositories in the body. cumulatively, they may lead to poor health, diabetes 2. Standing desks from Starego ensure that you make use of these sugars during your standing durations. A study carried out in 2013 showed a reduction of blood sugar levels by 43% amongst workers using standing desks.

Boosts mood and energy

Durations of sitting increase sedentary time and has been closely associated with anxiety and depression. This would support the ideology behind standing as a way of enhancing mood and increasing happiness.   

In a Take-a-stand project that was conducted in 2011, about 24 workers were given a standing desk. In a period of about 4 weeks, the participants reported an improvement in mood states having reduced their sitting durations by 66 minutes. This is a clear indication that buying standing desks from Starego would go a long way in improving your general body wellness.

Getting Ahead With A Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter?

Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter

You don’t need to recruit a new team to increase your company’s productivity. Of course, sometimes the office tasks may be overwhelming thus demanding more hands, but this is not always the case. sometimes, you only need to introduce smart technology to enable your workers to produce more results, effortlessly. Generally speaking, you don’t need a complete overhaul in order to stay healthier or happier. StarEgo has a  Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter that would help you see your company grow from analog to digital. It has been designed in such a way that it dramatically converts your conventional office desk to a smart AI Desk.

In this read, you will find out some of the ways how Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter would contribute to growing your business

Helps in enhancing health and fitness

Days are gone when office workers have to remain sitter all day. Apart from the boredom that sitting for prolonged durations brings along, it has attributed to most of the work lifestyle diseases we hear about including MuscoSkeletal Disorders, Diabetes, heart-related diseases, and fatigue. StarEgo’s Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter helps to increase the standing duration of your employees. This way, they end up burning calories while at the same time executing their office duties. Eventually, they escape weight-related diseases as well as increasing productivity.

 Saves you space

Let’s be honest, if I told you about the idea of Transitioning from the traditional office desks to modern smart desks, you automatically imagine you have to throw away your old office furniture to replace it with the new one. Good thing, you do not need to do that. All you need is to contact StarEgo and explain your office needs to them. They are able to customize a solution to be a perfect fit for your case. This also means that you will not need to crowd your space by trying to put up separate desks for sitting and standing. The StarEgo’s Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter will help you to effortlessly transition to a smart desk.

It’s economical

To most people, the concept of transiting to smart desks may sound like it means a whole office makeover. of course, this would be crazily expensive especially for offices with a big team of workers. Thanks to the technology of a Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter. You only need to contact a team of Ergonomics experts like say StarEgo and discuss your office needs with them. They will help you upgrade from traditional desks to Smart AI desks at extremely good rates as opposed to when buying an entire set of new Smart AI Desks.

Increases Productivity

While there are many ways of increasing the productivity of office workers, the most effective one is introducing comfortable postures. A Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter allows users to switch from sitting to standing at given intervals. This transition not only keeps the office workers active and healthy but also makes an immense contribution towards increasing productivity. The old tradition of office workers remain in sitting all day is toxic and also encourages laziness. Thanks to StarEgo for availing a Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter which does the magic.

Increase Efficiency

Office workers sometimes are overwhelmed by tasks to be executed in a day. More often than not, some workers even skip meals unnoticeably. By transiting to Smart AI desks, you enjoy the privilege of having an AI assistant who helps you manage simple tasks as well as helps you adopt healthy postures. For instance, it will give the user uber suggestions or even contact thousands of restaurants within for a meal order during meal hours.

The truth is, there are many stores selling Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter and Smart AI Desks with varying capacities and features. Different varieties are also made of different building materials from wood to aluminum. While some have ample working surface to place the keyboard and mouse, others are way smaller or with just enough space. The ultimate goal however is to get a workstation that is not only quality but is healthier and result generating. This is why you should be very keen when buying an AI Smart Desk Convertor, making sure you only buy from reputable firms like StatErgo.

Ultimately though, you’re going to want a workstation that will lead to a healthier, happier you and a quality working session.

What You Need To Know About A Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

Sit Stand Workstations

What even is a sit-stand Desktop workstation? It’s basically a desktop gadget also known as an adjustable-height table which enables users to easily switch between working while seated to standing.  Upgrading from the conventional desks to a Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation is definitely a bold move to a healthier, stronger and more productive work style. Ergonomics is definitely a good idea if you want to stay comfortable while you work. And although it may sound sophisticated, StarErgo simplifies it by availing tools and resources to enable you to get your best fit.

Through our many years of experience in the ergonomics industry, we understand that although ergonomics is widely popular, it is narrowly understood. Perhaps the insights in this blog will give you a deep insight into the same.

It contributes to mental well being

Research shows that productivity in any business entity is attributed to the state of mental health. The concept of ergonomics was actually introduced to mitigate the depression cases which seem to be on the rise especially among office workers. Through switching from sitting to standing at intervals, it enables office workers to keep the mind active thus boosting the mood while increasing productivity. Research has shown that the concept of ergonomics was introduced.

It can be personalized to suit the user’s needs

Different office workers have different ergonomic needs depending on the nature of their work as well as other personal metrics. Generally speaking, a Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation has been designed with the mindset that one size never fits all. Hence, to get personalized settings all you need to do is get in touch with an Ergonomics firm like say Qualgear and explain to them the nature of your enterprise’s work and your employees’ preferences. Based on this, they are able to custom make a Smart AI Desk to suit your situation.

You can transition old office desks to Smart AI Desks

You probably wouldn’t believe if I told you that you do not have to replace your old office desks with new ones in order to enjoy the smart technology Desks. Surprisingly, with the electric smart AI Desks converter, you can upgrade your office desks effortlessly. What does this mean? Besides having the advantage of enjoying the AI assistance at a cheaper rate, it saves you space. In most traditional office settings you are likely to find office desks to support both sitting and standing postures separately. However, with this converter, you get a two-in-one desk. This gives you a less crowded workspace.

You can Get your meal planned

Who would even have thought that at such a time, you would have an electronic device placing meal orders for you as you work? Thanks to the Smart technology for making this a reality. There are countless times when office workers skip lunch without noticing due to workload. Having a Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation, despite the AI assistant telling you when you should sit or stand to maintain a healthy posture, it also learns your daily routine as well as your meal preferences. Based on these, when it’s about lunchtime, the AI assistant will contact thousands of restaurants in the vicinity placing a meal order of your favorite dish. Before you know it, lunch is planned.

The future of Ergonomics industry is bright

Besides having advantages such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, boosting the mood and activity and productivity of workers, smart technology may do more in the future. it will probably be designed to be able to execute some administrative tasks without human intervention. This means that probably the smart desks would be fed with a certain program on the nature of tasks it’s expected to perform. It may also be set in such a way that it can troubleshoot some technical hitches within the office.

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