Why Do You Need An Electric Height Adjustable Desk?

Height Adjustable desks bring necessary changes in your working life. Cutting down your sitting hours alone can help you with many benefits. You can avoid all the adverse effects of sitting too long when you start using a sit-stand desk. But, as time goes, manufacturers come up with numerous options that will make you confused about the best desk to buy. We have discussed a few key factors that will clear all your doubts and lead you to the best quality desks.

We believe that height adjustability is a primary thing to consider while buying a desk for you. Since these desks allow you to sit or stand while working, the ease of height adjustability seems to be the primary factor. Depending on different working types, manufacturers introduce products that can accommodate different needs.

Electric adjustable desks are the most common option because they have a better height adjustment choice and are affordable. However, you have manual adjustment options also. Users think that manual adjustable desks would cost less than the electric options. Although it is not completely wrong, you will find electric desks within your affordable range also.


If the price is the primary factor that drives you away from the electric adjustable desk, we have good news for you. Manufacturers pay attention to the quality of the desk, and they introduce a budget desk that will help you set up your ergonomic office easily. If you search deeper, you may even get electric desks that cost you less than the hand crank or pneumatic desks. If you ask us which one to buy for your work, we will undoubtedly choose an electric adjustable desk for you.

Time-consuming and laborious:

Hand-crank desks need your physical efforts to change the desk height, which is one of the desk’s common downsides. Height adjustment also takes time, which means it interrupts your workflow and may delay your work. If the height adjustment option has such obstacles, users tend to retain a single working position for long hours. Since prolonged sitting and standing both are bad for your health, you end up wasting your investment. So, buy an electric height adjustable desk that swiftly changes the desk height with a press of a button or otherwise.

Weight capacity and counterbalance:

Although pneumatic desks change the desk height instantly, it needs your physical and mental efforts to counterbalance the weight. When it comes to carrying the loads, these desks are not as flexible as the electric ones. Pneumatic desks can carry a specific weight; more or less than this can lower your experience. You will not get such issues with your electric desks.

Height range:

Setting a proper height with your pneumatic or hand-crank desks will be tricky. But, electric adjustable desks come up with a height range option, from lowest to highest. You can set your desk at any point as per your comfort. Setting the desk height is even easier with your electric desk.

Affordable and useful, electric height adjustable desks will meet your requirement pretty well. Being a reputed manufacturer of adjustable desks, we recommend people electric desks for their work. Check the quality before your purchase. The high demand for these desks encourages many unlawful names to design adjustable desks without the knowledge of ergonomics. They are good for nothing. So, find a trusted name to buy a quality desk for your work.

Why StarErgo?

StarErgo is a coveted manufacturer that introduces electric height adjustable desks after a long year of research on employees’ health and ergonomics. We introduced minimalistic features to offer a budget desk, helping you set your working environment comfortable without spending much. We concentrated on the core features and supported them with our innovative thoughts and creative ideas. Each product will definitely bring a smile to your face, from technological parts and economic choices. Please visit us to know more about the desk.