What You Need To Know About A Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

Sit Stand Workstations

What even is a sit-stand Desktop workstation? It’s basically a desktop gadget also known as an adjustable-height table which enables users to easily switch between working while seated to standing.  Upgrading from the conventional desks to a Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation is definitely a bold move to a healthier, stronger and more productive work style. Ergonomics is definitely a good idea if you want to stay comfortable while you work. And although it may sound sophisticated, StarErgo simplifies it by availing tools and resources to enable you to get your best fit.

Through our many years of experience in the ergonomics industry, we understand that although ergonomics is widely popular, it is narrowly understood. Perhaps the insights in this blog will give you a deep insight into the same.

It contributes to mental well being

Research shows that productivity in any business entity is attributed to the state of mental health. The concept of ergonomics was actually introduced to mitigate the depression cases which seem to be on the rise especially among office workers. Through switching from sitting to standing at intervals, it enables office workers to keep the mind active thus boosting the mood while increasing productivity. Research has shown that the concept of ergonomics was introduced.

It can be personalized to suit the user’s needs

Different office workers have different ergonomic needs depending on the nature of their work as well as other personal metrics. Generally speaking, a Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation has been designed with the mindset that one size never fits all. Hence, to get personalized settings all you need to do is get in touch with an Ergonomics firm like say Qualgear and explain to them the nature of your enterprise’s work and your employees’ preferences. Based on this, they are able to custom make a Smart AI Desk to suit your situation.

You can transition old office desks to Smart AI Desks

You probably wouldn’t believe if I told you that you do not have to replace your old office desks with new ones in order to enjoy the smart technology Desks. Surprisingly, with the electric smart AI Desks converter, you can upgrade your office desks effortlessly. What does this mean? Besides having the advantage of enjoying the AI assistance at a cheaper rate, it saves you space. In most traditional office settings you are likely to find office desks to support both sitting and standing postures separately. However, with this converter, you get a two-in-one desk. This gives you a less crowded workspace.

You can Get your meal planned

Who would even have thought that at such a time, you would have an electronic device placing meal orders for you as you work? Thanks to the Smart technology for making this a reality. There are countless times when office workers skip lunch without noticing due to workload. Having a Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation, despite the AI assistant telling you when you should sit or stand to maintain a healthy posture, it also learns your daily routine as well as your meal preferences. Based on these, when it’s about lunchtime, the AI assistant will contact thousands of restaurants in the vicinity placing a meal order of your favorite dish. Before you know it, lunch is planned.

The future of Ergonomics industry is bright

Besides having advantages such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, boosting the mood and activity and productivity of workers, smart technology may do more in the future. it will probably be designed to be able to execute some administrative tasks without human intervention. This means that probably the smart desks would be fed with a certain program on the nature of tasks it’s expected to perform. It may also be set in such a way that it can troubleshoot some technical hitches within the office.

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