6 Health Benefits of Using Standing Desks at Work

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Standing desks have increasingly gained popularity over many years. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that they have been associated with many health benefits. As a matter of fact, most office workers who are using standing desks have reported lesser cases of illnesses. Health studies also show that people leading sedentary lives or sit for prolonged durations of time are at a higher risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and have a reduced life span. A combination of the 3 diseases is termed as “sitting disease”.

Starego has for years been supplying standing desks to offices in order to mitigate the diseases.  They have discovered that standing during work hours even for about half an hour intervals would have a major impact on your general wellness. Using this kind of standing desks has innumerable health benefits.

Reduces Musculoskeletal Disorders

Neck and Back pains are some of the Musculoskeletal disorders many office workers end up suffering from. Thanks to the suppliers of standing desks like the Starego. Standing desks are also called sit-stand desks or height-adjustable desks which are all range and make a change of posture pretty much easy during working time.

 For instance, they have high adjustability of the desktop’s height as well as a swiveling chair that can move out of your way while standing. The change of posture plays a big role in reducing fatigue and prevents back strain. Research has shown that standing desks have reduced upper back pain as well as neck pain by 54%. Back pains by office employees have been reported in about 80% of the workers who especially sit all day. Standing desks have reduced such instances to a great extent. A project done in 2011 showed that participants who spend about 66 minutes of work time standing experience 54% of upper back& neck pain.

 Lowers heart disease risk

For over 60 years, researchers have been carrying out a study on the benefits of standing at work. In 1953, it was found out that workers who stand the whole day have reduced risks of suffering from heart-related diseases. On the contrary, employees who live sedentary lifestyles have a 90% rise of increased chances of getting cardiovascular diseases. This may be attributed to the fact that standing helps in burning more calories as opposed to working while sitting. Weight loss ensures that the workers live healthy hence staying productive for long.

Reduced cases of obesity

Using standing desks from Starego helps you burn 750 more calories every week. In general, weight gain and hence obesity is normally associated with the consumption of more calories as compared to the amount of calories the body is burning. Many office workers are presently complaining that they have gained massive weight in their jobs.  The good thing is that most of them have embraced the idea of using standing desks as a way of helping them work out amidst work. Through standing while working, you can burn up to 50vcalories extra every hour. In a year’s time, you can burn up to 3,000 calories which are approximately about 8lbs of fat.

Reduced risks of diabetes 2

It is normal for blood sugar levels to rise after a meal, persons whose blood sugar levels are high stand a risk of getting diabetes. However, a poor lifestyle would mean that these blood sugars are stored as energy repositories in the body. cumulatively, they may lead to poor health, diabetes 2. Standing desks from Starego ensure that you make use of these sugars during your standing durations. A study carried out in 2013 showed a reduction of blood sugar levels by 43% amongst workers using standing desks.

Boosts mood and energy

Durations of sitting increase sedentary time and has been closely associated with anxiety and depression. This would support the ideology behind standing as a way of enhancing mood and increasing happiness.   

In a Take-a-stand project that was conducted in 2011, about 24 workers were given a standing desk. In a period of about 4 weeks, the participants reported an improvement in mood states having reduced their sitting durations by 66 minutes. This is a clear indication that buying standing desks from Starego would go a long way in improving your general body wellness.

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