What Are The Advantages Of Standing Desks?

Standing Desks

In the old days, most office workers spent their entire day sitting and this led to many complaints among them including back and neck pains, boredom, unproductivity, and the likes. However, since the entire standing desk craze picked, most employees have transitioned. This is definitely a bold move especially when it comes to mitigating the negative side effects of sitting all day.

We are all different and while some people prefer to stand while working, others prefer to sit all day. However, after several trials and errors, scientists figured out standing desks work best. Besides the fact that they are modern and classy, they have many attached benefits. In this read, you will see some of them:

Standing Desks

Increased energy :

Standing dramatically increases blood flow and keeps your mind more alert and obviously, it’s almost impossible to get sleepy while standing. Most workers who sit all day long often find themselves sleeping especially in the afternoon hours after lunch.  On the contrary, while standing you are constantly active and well aware of your body. This means that besides staying active, you are also more productive. This is among the number of the drive of Starego in distributing standing desks to Offices across the globe, increasing productivity.

Improved relations among workers :

The use of standing desks in organizations has been found to build teamwork to a great extent. You will probably find yourself engaging more with your fellow workers when standing or probably even take note of something happening. Generally speaking, research shows that co-workers tend to engage more with each other. Instead of sending emails about every small thing, they actually look at each other and pass the message on one.

Standing Desks

Improved posture and core strength :

Standing for long durations and maintaining a food posture throughout work time is an added advantage to any worker. Sitting is strenuous to the back and the tail bone in comparison to sitting for about 8-10 hours a day. Additionally, it keeps your blood flowing and prevents you from having Musculoskeletal disorders. As a matter of fact, lesser cases of sicknesses among employees have been reported among office workers that have transitioned to using standing desks as opposed to using conventional desks.

Readiness for action :

When. workers are sitter and sedentary, it would take a while to get up and act in the event of an emergency. For instance, if the office is invaded by thugs or during times of fire accidents office workers would act more swiftly while standing as compared to when sitting. There are many instances where office workers perish in offices when accidents occur and buying standing desks from Starego can save your workers from such calamities.

Boosts mood :

Aside from the physical fitness advantages which standing desks bring by, they also play an immense role in boosting the mood of the workers. Happy workers would definitely yield more results. At the same time, it also maintains mental wellness among workers. Lesser cases of stress and depression among office workers have been reported since the inception of standing desks.

Standing Desks

Reduces cases of overweight and obesity :

The use of standing desks plays a vital role in burning calories in the body. The biggest reason as to why many office workers are becoming obese is due to sitting for prolonged durations of time. At the same time, they lack time for hitting the gym after work. since the invention of standing desks, office workers are able to keep fit while at the same time working. They increasingly burn calories thus Maintaining a healthy weight. StarErgo has been emphasizing on this major transition from traditional desks to standing desks as a way to enhance fitness among workers.

Reduced downtime seasons :

Office workers who remain in a sitting position all day have a tendency of missing work due to fatigue from time to time. Moreover, diseases resulting from sedentary lifestyles are most prevalent among office workers. Thanks to the invention of standing desks which have helped to a great extent when it comes to improving body health. The fact that standing desks reduce diseases associated with sitting means that they help in reducing the number of times employees miss work due to ailment.

All said and done, it is definitely a good idea to buy standing desks from StarEgo as this would go a long way in improving your workstation.

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