StarErgo’s Top Electric Standing Desks For An Active Working Life

Electric Standing Desks

StarErgo is a reputable ergonomic furniture and electronic accessories supplier in the U.S.A. It has gained popularity owing to the fact that they supply top-notch electric standing desks to all parts of the globe. In this read, I will list the top Electric standing desks that have been top rated.

Electric Standing Desk Converter (SE09E2WB) :

Sit-stand Electric Standing Desks converters provide the easiest and most versatile way of switching traditional office desks to sit-stand desks. The best thing is that you do not have to replace your existing office desks or furniture with new ones. Instead, you simply unpack and put the workstation on your desktop. StarErgo’s SE09E2WB makes the process even much easier. The robust UL certified motor effortlessly helps in lifting a heavy load and places it on your work surface just by the press of a button. Being motor-driven, this prevents the awkward and unprecedented forward surge in the process of lifting the workstation.

 Basically, the posture has an effect of increasing the heavy luggage around the lumbar area. Moreover, the motion is quite hence preventing any disruptions to the surroundings. Motion control is quite sophisticated thus generating an adjustment that’s smooth and stable. Additionally, this unique model had an incorporated wireless charge which supplies power quickly and easily.  

  • A robust motor ensures an extremely high level of stability
  • Height adjustment is only a button away making it super easy.
  • It provides a large surface area to place more working tools.
  • It has a unique cable management system thus enabling you to have a neat and appealing workspace.
  • It has an incorporated wireless charger that is suitable for all Qi-compatible gadgets
  • It has a robust motor that has been certified (UL listed)

Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter, White (SE91) :

The StarErgo’s SE91 is basically a portable Electric Standing Desk converter that is perfectly suitable for offices, dorms, and domestic use. It has been designed with a unique and high-quality material thus ensuring it is stain, fire, and Scratch-resistant. The dimensions of the tabletop are about 682mm*500mm. This means that this smart desk can accommodate a huge monitor of up to 32 inches and still have extra space for laptops on each side.

This unit has a premium electric motor that helps you switch from standing to sitting just by pushing a button. Unlike the other common electric standing desks, StarErgo’s SE91 enables an innovative system that is raised or lowers through button control, at the initial press while the unit stops at the second press.   This way, you do not have to continuously press the TT3 button as the desk raises or lowers. Additionally, the smart desk’s tabletop allows up to a 7-degree angle of incline thus making it even more comfortable for drawing, writing or doing other tasks that demand a relatively comfortable sitting posture. This smart desk converter supports a height range adjustment of between 3.15″-15.75″.Best of all, StarErgo dispatches this product when it’s fully assembled. Hence, you can simply enjoy the ergonomic benefits it presents soon after unboxing it.  Additionally, it has a one year warranty. StarErgo assures the customers of quality and therefore this duration allows you to report any undesired experiences you might encounter. They have a world-class customer care services and you can easily call them or write an email to them in case of any difficulties

  • SE91 is manufactured using strong wood and steel thus making it durable.
  •  The products dimensions are 682*500mm (length*width) and 670*440mm(length*width)
  • It has a height adjustable range of between 80-400mm
  • Color: Comes in White & Gray shades.
  • The package size is about 83*63*14(cm)
  • Price: It goes for USD 199.95

Electric Sit-Stand Workstation – SE04E1WB :

StarErgo’s SE04E1WB is a motor-driven smart desk making adjustments easy and fast. It has been manufactured with great aesthetic design and high functionality. It also has a quiet motion hence does not cause any disruptions to the surrounding environment. It comes in different sizes with the minimum being 35mm and a max of 535 mm. It also has a wide coverage of height adjustment of between 1.4 ” to 21.1″. Moreover, it provides maximum viewing Angle owing to its tiltable design. Precisely, it can rotate up to 360°.

Considering all the great features with StarErgo’s Top Electric Standing Desks, there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t buy yourself one.

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