StarErgo’s Dual Best Standing Desks For Your Job

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StarErgo is a popular brand well known for manufacturing top-notch quality ergonomic furniture. They are located in Plano, Texas but distribute their products throughout the globe. Here is a brief review of StarErgo’s Dual Best standing desks:

Electric Sit-Stand Workstation Premium Series (SE05E2WB)

Dual Monitor Electric Sit-Stand Workstation Premium Series (SE05E2WB)

The beauty of sit-stand desks is that they are versatile and make it super easy to convert a traditional office desk into a smart desk.  It doesn’t require you to do an entire office make-over to replace your old furniture. Set up is super easy and efficient when you want to optimize your office workspace ergonomics. StarErgo’s SE05E2WB makes the process even easier.  This workstation has been made with a great aesthetic design and has a list of great functionalities. It has a robust lift that effortlessly lifts luggage just by the click of a button.

Additionally, the motor-driven mode prevents the awkward body surge. A quiet motion also assists by ensuring one office worker doesn’t disrupt the rest while adjusting their desk. Sophisticated motion control is important because it makes the adjustments happen smoothly and steadily. StarErgo understands clearly that one size never fits all.  This Dual Best standing desk has a maximum (535mm) and a minimum width (35mm) catering for every individual need.

Moreover, it has a height coverage ranging between 1.4″ and 21.1″ thus accommodating users of different sizes. It has a perfect focal distance which further enhances comfort making you enjoy ergonomic benefits. It enables a  360° of rotation in both portrait and landscape view making it highly flexible. Here is a breakdown of StarErgo’s Dual Monitor Electric Sit-Stand Work-Station.

  • A robust motor makes it have highly stable.
  • Height adjustment is a button away thus making control super easy.
  • It provides a large surface area to place more working tools.
  • Its fore slot can hold many phones and tablets.
  • It has a cable management system helping users to work in a neat and organized workspace.
  • It has a tilting design thus making it have multiple angles for viewing.  
  • The 360° enables a maximum viewing capacity.

StarErgo has reduced the cost of this Dual standing desks from$ 599.95 to $ 329.95.

3 Stage Reverse Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame (SE06E1FB)

3 Stage Reverse Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame (SE06E1FB)

This is a perfect desk for minimalists and is also suitable for people who are looking for Dual Best standing desks at budget-friendly rates. It is ideal for offices, home settings, schools as well as most working environments. Owing to it’s digital LED memory regulator, adjustments are possible just by pushing a button. It has 3  memory presets that are programmable this saving the details of your height as well as time intervals to remind you when its time for adjustments.

Besides being highly steady, it also has a higher capacity for load-bearing and quiet motion that ensures you’re enjoying your work environment. Being height adjustable, this dual standing desk frame is perfect for the new trends of the ever-changing landscape of the office set up.

Here’s a breakdown of these top features :

  • The digital LED memory keeps a record of the customized settings.
  • Motors are more steady and have a heavier lifting capacity
  • The programmable memory of the previous settings saves your desired height.
  • The remainder of the sit/stand durations maintains regular motion.
  • It has a system that helps in avoiding collision thus preventing accidents or injuries that could occur during adjustments.
  • It has thermal motors that are safe and durable.
  • The improved support column design makes this dual smart desk more steady.
  • The cable management system keeps your workstation neat.
  • It has an adjustable width thus making them suitable for many desktop varieties, shapes as well as sizes.  
  • It has an adjustable feet level making them suitable for any floor surface.

This Dual standing desk’s price has been reduced from $ 599.95 to $ 459.95. A product manual is available for instructions on use.

3 Stage Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame- (SE07E1FW)

3 Stage Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame- (SE07E1FW)

This dual standing desk is super easy to join and thus user-friendly. It also has a robust motor and a button-away height adjustment. Its features include:

  • A memory controller of digital LED enabling customizable settings.
  • The motors have a high lifting capacity.
  •  The collision preventing system avoids injuries and accidents.
  • There’s a time reminder for standing and sitting.
  • It has a memory that can be preset/programmed
  • Its height is also suitable for a wide variety of desks.

The company keeps the products in an affordable range so that everyone can buy these sit-stand desks for improving their work performance. We are constantly striving to be the best for your choice. 

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