StarErgo Supports Work From Home to Stop Corona Virus Spread

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StarErgo is completely supporting the entire lockdown decision in the states and nations taken by Government to fight against COVID19. If your job allows you to work from home, then you must continue your work to help the economy. We are helping you to make your job environment better with our standing desks, ergonomic desks, sit-stand desks, and more.

Working ambiance at home is utterly different from your office. But in this emergency situation, turn your bedroom into your workroom and start working with comfort. We are bringing to you a wide range of products so that you can work comfortably without any breaks

StarErgo is a renowned manufacturer and seller of smart standing desks and they have business worldwide. Using ergonomic science and the latest technologies, they are designing desks that keep you maximum active during your work.

We all know that COVID19 creates an emergency situation in the world. Every country is taking precautionary measures to stay safe from the virus. Since it is spread through human touch and contact, people worldwide are told to maintain social distancing and stay at home as much as possible.

Every employer is also encouraging the work from home factors and they are supporting the employees to make an environment where they can work properly without any problem. StarErgo is also supporting the emergency condition and our wide range of products ensures that you can stay active while working from home.

Here some of the best options we bring to you that make your work environment at home better. It is our humble request to everyone not to roam outside unless there is an emergency.

Electric Standing Desks

Electric Standing Desks:

StarErgo designs its product smartly so that you will get the most advanced feature. With the application of some most trending features, our desk remains at the leading space in the competition. Our electric standing desks are an improved version of commonly available sitting-standing desks.

These desks do not confuse you with so many unnecessary features because we have concentrated on your requirements. You will get only those options that make your desk job active and the best. We keep the price reasonable so that everyone can afford our products.

These electric smart desks are the best for your office, home or for use in schools. It is built with the LED memory controller that helps you adjust the heights and three programmable memory presets to save your desired heights.

They are also built with the unique motor technology that gives you noise-free height adjustment. We use quality motor because we do not want to leave any corner of your dissatisfaction. The best thing is that we are not just the sellers of electric standing desks, but we are also the manufacturer of these desks. We understand which features you need that help you to solve the real issues. 

We come up with a sit-stand reminder because we understand that forgetting about your health during your work is a very common thing. This reminder tells you to sit or stand and continue your work.

We have included another feature called collision avoidance system to avoid a system that stops the height adjustment if there is any collision occurs. This feature is mainly included for safety purposes.

We are supporting the work from home initiative due to the corona virus outbreak. Distance yourself from others and helps the nation to fight against the virus. Stay at home and continue your work for the flow of productivity.

Electric sit-stand workstation:

Electric sit-stand workstation:

This is another product we designed for office and home use. These sit-stand workstations are spacious enough to hold all required accessories for the work. But, behind its success or demand is its innovative approach to convert your regular desk into a sit-stand desk. This means you no need to replace your old desks. Put these workstations on the top of your desk and raise the height for the sitting position.

We have tested the products in the market before bringing it to you. We analyzed the market demand and made necessary changes in the products in order to make it a successful one that solves the real challenges.

A strong and noiseless motor does not disturb a peaceful environment and you can easily adjust its heights. It also comes up with an easy-to-use press controller. It comes up with a large surface for giving you enough space.

We developed our desks after spending time in the market and we addressed a few factors that we solve through our products.

We used a non-skid silicone pad that protects the work surface from the scratches. You will also get an ergonomic keyboard tray for placing your keyboards. It also offers you the UL certified motors.

Why you buy QualGear sit-stand desks?

QualGear sit-stand desks are built to solve the real problems faced by people with their desk jobs. We introduced ergonomic science to designing our products. This helps people to maintain a healthy working balance. We concentrated on the core requirements and try to advance them for improving productivity. 

We are offering unique designs different from other companies and we believe in ergonomics that solely describes the products and technologies for the betterment of your health. Our every product promises to offer you the most innovative technologies that you haven’t experienced before. Among the extraordinary choices, LED memory controllers, gas-spring lifts, flexible configuration, and easy set-up options are the most common ones. Visit us online for exploring our collections.

To make you feel safe, we request everyone to start working from home and avoid public gathering and mass communication. Stay at your home and maintain the social distance from others. The whole world is fighting against the Corona Virus and you can also participate in the fight by not stepping out.

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