Starego’s Ergonomics Products For Office

Starego's Ergonomics Products

Starego has been a leading supplier of ergonomic furniture for years. Among the products we deal in include electric sit-stand workstations, electric standing desk frames, and ergonomic sit-stand workstations. Whether you are a Small scale firm or a huge company and you want to transition from traditional office desks to modern ergonomic desks, you can count on us. Starego has created an impeccable reputation over many years for many reasons including:

Ergonomics Products

Providing a variety of products for customers :

We deal in many ergonomic products including 3 Stage Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame, Electric Standing Desk Converter – SE09E2WB, 3 Stage Reverse Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame – SE06E1FB, Electric Sit-Stand Workstation – SE04E1WB, 3 Stage Dual Motor Electric Sit-Stand Desk Frame- SE07E1FW, Portable Electric Standing Desk Converter, White – SE91, Portable Standing Desk Converter – SE21. Our ergonomic designs provide solutions to a wide range of factors affecting productivity and well being including cognitive aspects like human interaction, stress, physical like standing and sitting postures, the layout of the work space as well as environmental factors like sound and light.

Flexibility :

Ease and portability are at the heart of Starego’s designs of workstations. Flexibility ensures you have an easy time when its time to rearrange your office or move to a new location. Aside from that, ergonomics furniture’s like the standing desk converter allows you to continue using your current desk and just put the new one as the desktop. A Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation – SE01M1WB is also highly flexible making it convenient for shipping.

Warranty :

At Starego, the quality of our ergonomic furniture is assured. We use top-notch quality and durable materials like MDF & steel to make our products to give them a long life. Best of all, we give a warranty of up to 1 year in our products. This means that if you buy a sit-stand workstation and after a while of using it you encounter some malfunctions, you can send it back for an exchange with a good one.

Easy assembly :

Our products are easy to assemble to make it easy for our customers.  They come in a box ready to set up on your workstation. We understand the hassle that comes with the assembly of ergonomic furniture especially for novice customers of ergonomic furniture with little or no experience of using such desks.

integrated cable management

Cable management :

Our workstations are made with a unique design to give them a great aesthetic value. Additionally, we have made special integrated cable management grooves. Most people dislike working in a work space where cables are lying everywhere. We believe the technical and aesthetic design of the workstation would go a long way in increasing productivity and motivating office workers.

Work surface :

Our workstations have been made to suit any office set up. We prefer providing ample workspace ensuring you can place all the tools you require when working. There’s an additional mobile device tray on workstations that also provide extra space for storage.

Starego is a reliable partner for your ergonomic needs. Our team of professionals listens attentively to our clients’ needs in order to design an ergonomic plan that will work for you.

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